The Pregnancy Wellness Guide

Welcome to The Pregnancy Wellness Guide!

As a coach I have worked with hundreds of women supporting them to find health, to heal, to find balance, to cultivate happiness and to live in wellness.

Personally, living in wellness is not a negotiation for me. It is just how I choose to live and it is how I navigate through the world and life.

  • What can I do here to ensure I am nourished?
  • How do I nurture my body better?
  • Will this support me or detract from me?

So that being said… I am no expert in pregnancy, birth or motherhood, but I sure know a thing or two about wellness!

Which leads me to introduce you to The Pregnancy Wellness Guide. A series of blog posts, audio clips, interviews and more where I’ll be sharing what I have been doing throughout my pregnancy.

Watch the video to find out more on my Pregnancy Wellness Guide. You’ll also learn 4 feel-good tips you can dive into today!


I hope you can see this as what it’s intended to be – a guide. NOT a rulebook. Because the one and only rule that does apply during pregnancy is that you are THE BOSS. However, if some of what I am doing might help you on your journey, then my job is done.

Your body, your intuition, what feels right/wrong/or otherwise – that’s the only rule that matters.

As I mention in the video, here is some of what we’ll be covering off in the Pregnancy Wellness Guide:

1. Supplements + Nutrition

2. Recommended Books

3. Movement + Bodylove

4. Meditation + Visualisation

5. Birth planning + preparation

6. Postpartum

Lots of  juicy info to support you ladies – whether you are a soon-to-be mama, planning it in the future or onto your second (third, fourth?) bubby! Oh and any men out there reading – there is nothing hotter than a MAN who CARES about (and is involved) his woman during her pregnancy. So the more you know, the better!

Now it’s over to you. I really need your help.

Comment below and share with me:

  • Any burning pregnancy questions you have (that I might be able to answer/include in the guide)
  • Anything you feel is important to share to other ladies regarding pregnancy.

Just a side note: we are going for POSITIVE stories and sharing. Even if your birthing experience didn’t go ‘as planned’… please, whatever you share, do so from a positive, affirmative place. I do not want this space to spread fear + doubt (p.s if your comment does, I will delete it). Thanking you in advance.

Stay tuned. More to be released soon.

love + light,

Claire xx



12 Comments to “The Pregnancy Wellness Guide”

  1. Thanks so much Claire. I can totally relate to this post. I can’t wait to hear more!!! I am almost 12 weeks pregnant with my third baby. With all pregnancies I had a horrible morning sickness and felt detached from myself because of feeling ill. I am just starting to feel normal again! It feels good to feel like me again. I can’t wait to hear more on your posts. Ver excited!
    For me- I would love you to focus on looking after yourself whilst pregnant and not losing who we are. Still having a strong attachment to our baby but also not becoming so immersed in the pregnancy that we lose our own identity. It is really important as a mum to remain strong as person in own right. This is also important in postpartum pregnancy. I think you may cover this through your wellbeing, nutrition, exercise, spoiling self etc. Any other ideas would be fantastic!!! Thanks again! xoxo

  2. Hi Claire,
    This is fantastic thank you for doing this! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my first, it’s super exciting and I’m absolutely loving it!
    I was wondering about the coconut oil I have it but it’s hard in the jar, do I just teaspoon some out & heat it up to rub it on or can you actually buy already oiled for convenience?

    • Coconut oil will soften in warmer temperatures naturally. To use it on your body simple warm it up in your hands and then massage it in.

      Congrats on your bubba. 22 weeks – you must be feeling good now?! Love to you both x

  3. Looking forward to this Claire! What a great idea 🙂 I am almost 16 weeks pregnant and now that I feel more like myself I am starting to get back into my self care and wellness. I can’t wait to learn and implement some new things to help me and my baby. xx

  4. Hi Claire

    This is beautiful!

    This has come at the right time for me! I would love some insight into experiences and tips around getting through morning sickness. I’ve just found out I’m expecting so it’s very early days and I look forward to learning as much as I can about myself and how I can support myself emotionally and spiritually through the changes.

  5. So lovely Claire. When I was pregnant with my son I prepped myself for birth with a pregnancy yoga class once a week – which, to be honest, was much more of a coaching session where everyone shared their little hints and tips – so I totally think this wellness guide is a fab idea. My hot tip for labour would be: don’t fight your body and the contractions, when they occur visualize what your body is physically trying to do; and that is contract your cervix upwards by contracting the uterus and thus allowing the baby to come down and out – if you fight this it makes much harder and prolonged work for yourself!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on being physically active/exercise during pregnancy with things other than yoga – SO much conflicting info out there and I really struggled with this last time
    Thanks x

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