The Pregnancy Wellness Guide Wrap-up + GIVEAWAY!

So today’s post marks the end of The Pregnancy Wellness Guide Series. Not for lack of content or information to share with you, but because, at 39 weeks pregnant, I’m simply enjoying putting everything I’ve shared with you into daily practice. 3

In case you’ve not yet explored The Pregnancy Wellness Guide Series you can catch up below. These are the 8 topics I’ve explored and are all direct accounts of my own journey and what I’ve personally been doing throughout this pregnancy:

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Now, before I wrap up The Pregnancy Wellness Guide check out today’s AUDIO BLOG. Here I share a few extra little tips that I think are really helpful and important!

I touch on:

  • Baby Brain
  • Slowing down + surrender
  • The space of creation
  • Surrounding yourself with positivity
  • Buying baby stuff
  • Sleeping with support
  • The best seated positions to prevent a posterior/breech baby
  • The Epi-No: Birth Training!


Or right click HERE to download.



The Nourishing Hub has kindly created this beautiful Preggie Mumma Kit as a giveaway for one of your lucky ladies.

I’m so excited to share this with you. So let me tell you what’s included in this kit!

The Preggie Mumma Kit

Franjo’s Belly Bump Biscuits

Franjo’s ‘biscuits for your belly’ have been naturopathically designed and contain ingredients specifically chosen with pregnant mums in mind. Fibre, omega 3, iron, calcium, b vitamins and zinc are just some of the nutrients pregnant mums need so we have made sure our bumpers contain ingredients naturally high in these.

A true ‘functional food’. Franjo’s bumpers also contain ginger which has been used for centuries for nausea. Franjo’s vegan bumpers are wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free.

Iris Practice Baby in my Belly Bath Salts

Contains the best quality salts and essential oils traditionally known to be the Mother’s herbs that calm, centre and clear.


Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Celtic Salt, Chamomile – Mothers herb, soothing and calming

Lavender – Calming Lemon Balm – Relaxant, anti depressive and Patchouli – Anti depressant, tonic

Safe to use after first trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy

Love Chai Pregnancy Tea

For the yummy mummy with a baby in her tummy…this one’s for you! What better way to begin your journey, than with a specially blended organic and caffeine free tea.

Designed by Love chai Naturopath & mother Emma, this blend aims to help you through your 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The carefully selected ingredients are mineral rich and have been used traditionally to reduce nausea, calm the nerves and reduce anxiety.

How to WIN:

Simply share below in the comments one of your own tip from your own Pregnancy Wellness Journey that you think is a MUST for any mama-to-be to know.

I’ll announce the winner in TWO weeks!


Thanks so much for being part of this divine journey of pregnancy. I’m so overwhelmed and grateful for the out pouring of sharing, love and support from women all over the world. And not just pregnant ladies, but long-term mums, young women and those who are still toying with the idea of parenthood. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to sharing more when this bub arrives into the world.

love + light,

Claire x


7 Comments to “The Pregnancy Wellness Guide Wrap-up + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Hi Claire – so far ginger tea has been my best friend in the world! I can also recommend the circle + bloom pregnancy (and conception) meditations. I really love them and find they help to connect with baby and what’s happening in my body while taking some me time to relax and rest.

    Thank you for all you’ve shared. xoxo

  2. Learning to slow down and saying no to something social that would have been really fun to take a nap, read a book or watch a movie instead.

  3. I had three wonderful pregnancies. I always felt comforted by my doctor and always asked questions because I felt like I was always encountering something new.

  4. Really listen to your body! Surrender. It’s been very hard for me to not have energy and being so tired…I get mad at myself for not being able to be productive…but for now (and forever now) it’s not all about me! It’s all preparation. Enjoy the journey, be with it. Listen to Claire’s meditation daily. I love it!!! Thank you!!

  5. I have had to learn to say ‘Thanks buy no thanks’ to the endless strangers that offer ‘helpful’ advice. I need to listen to my body, myself and I!

  6. Beautiful Claire and thank you for sharing with us during your pregnancy journey. All the best for a beautiful and calm birth xx

    My biggest tip I have learnt so far in pregnancy is SURRENDER. At the beginning of my pregnancy (I am now 26 weeks) I kept pushing through or felt bad when I just had to lie on the couch all day or get my hubby to cook dinner for me. I am so blessed I run my own business so I had the freedom to rest when I needed it, around client appointments of course. But once I surrended and listened to what my body needed, the guilt drifted away. As I am now entering the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy it is a good reminder again, to rest when I need it. xx

  7. My best tip for a mama-to-be is to not lose touch with, or disconnect from, your own heart, your own desires. Being a mother is a self-less act, whereby you put your little one’s needs ahead of your own. Your world revolves around theirs. Feeling of guilt can creep in when mums attend to their own needs. Yes – we must love and prioritise our babies, but more so, to be the best we can be, we must love ourselves, support and nourish ourselves first. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive – anything from a cup of tea, bubble bath, day spa treatment, time alone, reading a book – anything. And if your partner understands and supports this too, all the better. Nothing better than “honey, I’ll put baby to bed. Look in the bathroom, there’s a bubble bath waiting for you”. BLISS!

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