The Pregnancy Wellness Guide: Meditation + visualisation

Welcome to The Pregnancy Wellness Guide Part 5 – Meditation and visualization.

Before we get going, if you haven’t already do check out the other posts in this series – there is a lot of juicy information in there for mamas-to-be, or even for you to file away in the future if motherhood is not yet on your radar.

Today we are jumping into my favorite topic – Meditation + visualization – and I’ve got a little BONUS gift for you below. So keep on reading.

If you’ve spent anytime around these traps you’ll know that I do bang on a lot about meditation. And to be honest, I won’t be shutting up anytime soon. Not when I have experienced and regularly see my clients experience such profound shifts and subtle transformations in mind, body and soul. Meditation, visualizing, affirmations, positive thinking – it really does set the wheels of change into motion.

Our sub conscious mind, the part that we aren’t aware of but is actually controlling pretty much everything, is that part we really want to affect. When we can reprogram our sub conscious mind – clearing out limiting beliefs, crushing fears and emotional blocks – we can create a whole new landscape for ourselves – new opportunities, experiences, possibilities open up.

Not to mention that, to me, meditation is a soothing balm. It’s medicine for the mind-body-soul.

When I’m exhausted I choose a meditation that I know is going to rejuvenate me.

When I’m anxious I choose a meditation style that will create stillness and calm.

When I’m resisting something, or caught up in fears I go for something that will help me process and clear out.

It’s just like choosing the right supplement or medicine to heal an ailment, except it’s a hell of a lot more natural!

With that being said, it makes A LOT of sense that we tap into the powerful healing and transformational qualities of meditation and visualization during pregnancy – in preparation for birth and the journey into motherhood.

Today I’m going to share a few ways to do that with you.


Meditation – cleanse, clear and connect

To me, during pregnancy and even into mother hood, meditation is the perfect tool to cleanse the mind and body, to clear out anything that we don’t need and no longer aids us and to connect inward – with our own soul, our own true self AND with our beautiful, growing bubby.

Recently I launched a new meditation offering:

Reveal Your Inner Radiance – (mini) meditations to makeover your mind, body and soul.


There are 3 programs, each featuring 7 days of meditations + a journaling guide. Each program focuses on a different need or theme. You can purchase them individually or buy all 3 as a bundle package of 21.

  • Deeply Relax + Let Go
  • Make Peace + Heal
  • Find Joy + Inspiration

These meditations really do create the space for you to cleanse, clear and connect on so many different levels.

My one wish for you during your pregnancy, birth and into motherhood is that you are able to let go of whatever it is that gets in the way of you being completely open and surrendered to the transformation.

If we are in resistance – controlling and fighting back – we create such a miserable, heavy experience. It’s in the openness, willingness and surrender that we find peace and JOY.

These meditations will soothe you, cradle you, cleanse you, inspire you, invite in beauty, connect you with your baby, bring in love and joy and give you clarity and contentment. You’ll radiate from within.

Some of the feedback I’ve received has been so encouraging… especially when I hear from mums who are meditating with me in the lead up to their babies birth…

  • “Thank you for your meditations! I was doing them before my baby was born and I’m sure that they really helped me have a (relatively) easy and empowering labour!”
  • “I had such a mental shift in just that little 10 minutes. I feel confident and excited and just good on the inside.
  • “Your meditations are so heart-felt and have been helping me get back into a meditation practice, which I seem to have lost somewhere along the way. It’s been so easy to implement these meditations into my life and I feel blessed to have found you! These have been a great tool to get back into meditation and start my day on a calm and centered note”.

And guess what? You are in luck! The Reveal Your Inner Radiance meditation series is currently on SALE for Christmas!


CLICK HERE if you’d like to download and start meditating!




Now, any other way of meditating is also just as amazing – if you are already practicing a particular style, then don’t stop – keep you practice up and make it a priority! Whether it’s mantra meditation, mindfulness or vipassana – it’s ALL perfect.


Visualization – affirm and manifest

I find that visualization is an important practice to actually feel more empowered – you feel calmer and more centered when you are clear about what you want to manifest. And when you’ve spent time absorbing and focusing in on what you truly desire, then you are going to feel more content, confident and secure.

These visualization techniques will really help you to begin the process of manifesting. Truthfully the experience probably won’t unfold EXACTLY how you envision it, but you’ll probably get a hell of a lot closer than if you just pull the wool over your eyes and ‘pretend’ that it’s not happening or that you are not fussed by what happens.

Take the driver seat. Own this journey and story for yourself. Navigate this mothership in the direction you want to go. There’s nothing wrong with being in-control! But there is a big difference between being in-control versus controlling! One is empowered, centered strong… the other is pushy, fear-based and restrictive.

Guided visualizations:

Earlier this week I shared an audio interview with Calm Birth Practitioner, Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher and Senior Doula Lauren Falconer. If you dig the idea of that course and are planning on going down the Calm Birth (or even Hypnobirthing) courses you’ll get your hands on guided visualizations – which is a win.

Otherwise I can highly recommend these tracks to listen to as well.

  • Dr Gowri Motha – visualization for birth
  • Melissa Splisted – Affirmations for Birth + Surge of The Sea

There are so many more out there – if you know of any amazing ones please comment below and share!

Vision Boarding:

If you are a visual person why not create your own vision board? Create something digitally or go the old-skool way and cut and paste words, images and pictures from magazines etc.

Use these questions and prompts to help you:

How do you want to feel during this pregnancy?

What kind of birth do you want?

What does motherhood look like?

Create a visual that brings to life the journey for you – or what you want to call in/need more of!

Write out your birth story:

This is NOT a birth plan – nothing so rigid and restrictive, but journal the experience out. Here are some starter tips for writing it out.

  • How do you feel in the lead up to the day?
  • What happens and when?
  • What time is it?
  • Where are you? At home, the hospital?
  • How do you feel?
  • What is the experience of labour/surges (contractions) like?
  • Who is with you – who is supporting you?
  • How long/short is the experience?
  • What is the environment/atmosphere like?

I’ve written out in my journal my birth intentions/story and I read this out loud to bub. It includes a lot of little affirmative one liners such as:

“We are both calm and we know what we area doing”

“We feel focused and are able to cope with whatever experience unfolds”.

“I breathe calmly and with intention”.

“The day unfolds with a sense of lightness and even humour”

BTW – you might create more specific guidelines for your birthing team (midwife, doulas etc) based on what you want to happen/not happen at the birth. E.g. Placenta will not be cut until after it finishes pulsing. Or internal examinations will be kept to the minimum. These aren’t about ‘planning’ but being engaged and conscious about what you are comfortable with during the experience – so don’t get that confused with your birth intentions.


Gift to you – download this 5-minute track of affirmations I’ve recorded for you. But do make sure you find ones that work best for you. The easiest way to come up with an affirmation is to either

  • Choose one that resonates with you from anything you’ve read/heard.
  • Create an affirmation that directly (and positively) responds to a fear you’ve got. E.g. if you are afraid of coping with “pain” in labour, then maybe an affirmation for you would be “I am confident, I am strong and I am capable”

Affirmations that are easy to say work like mantras – a way to focus the mind and to reprogram beliefs.

Here are some examples of affirmations – you can see they are in positive and present tense language.

I am confident.

I am empowered.

I trust in my body and I trust in my baby.

I feel prepared and ready for the journey ahead.

You can listen to affirmations. Chant them to yourself throughout the day.

Or why not print them out and stick them around your home/office.

So, what’s the point of affirmations?

Well, to bring your own mental and emotional energy into alignment with that you are envisioning. Affirmations are NOT a Band-Aid. If you notice that, as you are thinking or tuning into an affirmation that it doesn’t feel true, then explore WHY.

  • Why does this not feel true for me?
  • What is the resistance I feel?
  • What do I believe instead of this affirmation?
  • What can I do to clear any beliefs/fears that are getting in the way.

BONUS GIFT FOR YOU: I’ve recorded a 5 minute affirmation audio. Download it, listen to it and start to TUNE yourself into positive, affirmative belief states.


(right click to save + download)


Ok, so something needs to be said here because I can LITERALLY feel many woman who are reading this right now thinking “Oh gosh, don’t get your hopes up, your birth/pregnancy might not go as ‘planned’…

So I have to respond to this.

Yes – it’s true; we have NO way of knowing exactly how everything will unfold. So it does help to not get too caught up in expectations and create an unmovable, concrete ‘plan’… you want to be fluid, and open to all possibilities.

However, I personally find it very limiting and restrictive to ‘avoid’ visualizing and meditating on what I desire. Why? Well, I feel that’s not being proactive, or ‘engaged’ in the process. Everything in life requires an even mix of intention + action plus a little of the unknown thrown in.

The key is this: Want what you want – dream big, manifest, open up to possibilities and do so from a space of TRUST + FAITH. Which is why meditation is important to CLEAR out the fears and limitations that might be stopping that manifestation process from happening.

But, stay OPEN to all twists and turns. Be willing to roll with the punches and go with the flow, no matter what happens – it might be so far from your ‘dreams’ but if you trust that it is still a positive experience that is just perfect (as it is) for you and bub, then THAT is just damn beautiful.

So when someone tells you – “Oh don’t have ANY expectations. Better not get your hopes up, it’ll never go as planned” just nod, smile, and drop their words.

Instead remember this:

“Open up to all possibilities, let yourself dream and be willing to create the experience that is perfect for you. Stay positive, present and calm”.


Ok, so this post is MAMMOTH! I’m going to stop now before I overwhelm you.

As you can see this is something I really believe in.

Your turn:

  • What did you use/are you using to support you (re: meditation + visualization) during your pregnancy/birth/motherhood journey?
  • How do these ideas sit with you? What resonates the most?
  • Finally – please share this post with any lady-birds in your life that might need this information. Pregnant or not!

Look at for the next couple of posts coming out soon. I’ll be sharing info on great books to read and some other important tips.

Love + light,



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