Words Of Love

Rachel MacDonald | Australia

Claire is incredibly gifted at holding space and guiding women with the utmost care – and in her EFT sessions, the shifts happen FAST.

I came to Claire to clear some emotions I was experiencing about a tonge tie procedure my newborn needed so that we could continue our breastfeeding journey. My first child also had this procedure, and I knew I was holding on to some residual feelings of stress and unease, which I wanted to release quickly.

Our session was powerful and grounding. I finished feeling super clear, certain and at peace – which in turn, completely transformed my experience on the day of the procedure and beyond.

Highly, highly recommend Claire and her mash-up of incredible tools. She is an Emotional Alchemist with a mash-up of powerful energetic tools.

If you’re wanted to clear those blocks, release those stick pain points and find inner freedom, Claire is the magician you are after.

Jaclyn Carlson

Working with Claire has been pure magic. She has expertly, calmly and graciously guided me down a path of spiritual learning and rediscovery at a time when I needed it most. Our time together has been deeply transformative and soul nourishing.”

I was drawn to Claire’s energy from the moment I came across her work. When the time came for me to seek out a coach, I knew that I wanted to work with Claire. I had been suffering with debilitating, unexplained IBS and fatigue which left me unable to care for my young daughter. I was suffering both physically and emotionally and become depressed about my situation. Claire supported me during this time in exactly the way that I needed, even when I jumped all over the place.

At every session I would present with something different and random that I wanted to work on and she was unwavering in her constant and unconditional devotion to my wellbeing. She helped me find peace with my day-to-day existence and also assisted me to heal and forgive many unresolved issues from my past, things that I wasn’t expecting to have a connection to my current situation. Not only did I have amazing support during our sessions but I also learnt how to better manage my sadness, despair and frustration whenever it showed up in my life.

I am thrilled to say that I am now completely healed and no longer suffer with any of the symptoms that previously held me back. I’m so grateful to have Claire in my life!

Kelly Koutsodontis

Working with Claire was something I really would look forward to every fortnight. The way she got me to think about any problems I was facing really gave me perspective, and allowed me to really get clear in my mind about what was important to me. I feel like I am very much in control of what I do and there is no rush to do anything. My head feels a lot clearer, less muddled with mixed messages.

I loved how Claire explained things until I really got them. She would give me examples until I really understood how things I was feeling or doing was affecting my life.

Today, I feel like I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself. I am learning to love and accept myself for who I am instead of always trying to be something else. I am making more time to do the things I want to do without being so rigid. I would highly recommend working with Claire to anybody! In fact I will probably work with her again someday myself!

Working with Claire also really helped me hone in on a few little ideas I had and bring them all together to form my Concrete Princess website which is targeted to helping woman feel empowered through simplifying their life. I really believe that working with Claire was what got me really clear about what I wanted and enabled me to create this great community.

Tegan Buchanan

I started with Claire just over a year ago now and at that point in my life I’d just graduated in a career I didn’t want to pursue, I was suffering from chronic IBS and I was letting stress rule my life. I was always sick and unhappy and just not being my bubbly normal happy self.

I decided to do a 6 month coaching package with Claire and week by week my life started to transform. It has been quite a journey of self discovery but step by step, Claire helped me through it all.

I learnt so much from Claire – how to meditate, to de-stress and to see where I was creating drama in my own life. Claire helped me to empower myself and to be able to eliminate toxic relationships that were dragging me down and to follow my dreams in a career that I really wanted to do.

Claire is gentle but firm when it comes to her coaching and she gave me the push I needed to transform my life. I look back at how far I have come and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.

Instead of trying every fad diet out there I now stick to a consistent exercise regime and eat colourful foods that nourish my body. I first went to Claire with a terrible sugar addiction but now have it under control. My energy levels have improved out of sight, my skin is finally glowing and my IBS is almost non-existent. Most of all I love waking up in the morning and just being excited for the day ahead! I love my life! I meditate daily, practise yoga regularly and can’t get enough of how good life is!

I just graduated as a Personal Trainer and my next step is to become a Health & Wellness Coach like Claire so I can make a change in someone else’s life like Claire did in mine.

Corrie Buchanan | Sydney, Australia

Claire has helped me evolve and to love myself as I entered a journey of self love and acceptance that started off the back of a heartbreaking divorce and a new direction in my life. Claire’s ability to listen and intuitively part her wisdom was heaven scent. She is so gracious in her approach and can meet you at your level wherever you are as you come into the session. I feel truly lucky and blessed to have had Claire coach me and as a result have created an abundance in love, happiness and health. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You!!!  Claire I loved our sessions. I think you are a beautiful, loving, wise and devoted soul. I appreciate you listening to me and your wisdom that you have shared with me.

Lorraine Murphy | Sydney, Australia

I called Claire because I was feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frazzled having devoted all of my time and energy to getting my start-up off the ground for the previous year. Claire immediately made me feel cared-for and in safe hands, and our journey started there.

Claire coached me for six months and each time we met I got a little closer to mastering the fine art of balance. I learned so much about my body, my life and what I needed to nurture them. Our sessions together somehow never felt structured, yet I took away from them the exact lesson/insight that I needed each time.

I am still putting the advice and tips that Claire shared with me into action a year later,
and I can honestly say she coaxed me out of a not-very-nice place to one where
I am feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on the world!


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