Backbending – Power Yoga Poses to Open Your Body

 Backbending in yoga opens up the body like nothing else. They are true power yoga poses. There is absolutely no other set of postures that give you that beautiful, cracked-wide-open feeling.

Empowered. Delicious. Alive. Energised.

I personally see the collection of back bend poses in yoga as power yoga poses. Yes they are difficult. They require a combination of deep flexibility and strength. To me, they are power poses because of the profound impact they have on the health of your body, chest and spine, but also how they powerfully open you up energetically. Beautiful, heart opening poses.
Back-bending has not come easily to me. I have the natural strength to lift myself up, but my back wasn’t always open and flexible. Back-bending didn’t always feel like the power yoga poses they are today. (I still have to be mindful of past injuries!) Having said that back-bending is something that everyone can experience and ultimately  work deeper and deeper into.
Today’s mini back-bending sequence demonstrates a few beginner to intermediate back-bends. I’ve left out more advanced postures here as I wanted to make it accessible.
I would recommend adding back-bending after you’ve properly warmed up. These previous sequences I’ve created would perfectly prepare you for back-bending and also be a gorgeous way to start the day.

  • Start with Sun Salutation A. Click HERE.
  •  Follow with Sun Salutation B. Click HERE.
  •  Next – do a few standing postures. Click HERE.
  • Hip opening to help prepare for back-bends. Click HERE.
  •  Add in today’s back-bending video here: See below!
  •  Finish with twisting to release the lower back. Click HERE.
  •  Finally savasana – rest + restore!

Click to play mini back-bending sequence.

I hope you enjoy these back-bending power yoga poses. Don’t be discouraged, stay with it and your body will thank you.

love + light,


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