Welcome to ‘One Woke Mama. A podcast about the journey of awakening through motherhood.

Your host, Claire Obeid, is here to guide you through the raw, sometimes painful, always beautiful and definitely messy ride that is motherhood. 

This is our journey, in mind, body and soul towards consciousness.

Seeking clarity. Hunting down the truth. Diving into the discomfort of healing. Uncovering shadows and rising out of them back. Rising into a NEW woman.

Through my personal brand of storytelling, musings, wisdom bombs and insights we journey into motherhood, the catalyst, if you so choose, to become more conscious, aware… woke.

I’m just one mama following the path to WOKE. And I hope you choose to wake up with me too.

About Claire

Claire is a Life + Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Meditation Guide, Soul Seeker and Mama. She is passionate about supporting individuals to cultivate their own thoroughly equipped Wellness Tool-kit so that they may live in full health, consciously, in presence, gratitude and joy. Learn more about Claire here.


Podcast music composed by Tina Noetzel – Composer


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One Woke Mama Podcast

Episode 015 - Mama, You Are Meant To Fall Flat On Your Face.
Episode 014 - Raising Sensitive, Spirited and Empath Children with Shunanda
Episode 013 -  The Contrasts of Motherhood
Episode 012 - When We Tidy And Fuss To Much Instead Of Being Present And Connected
Episode011 - Becoming a whole being mama
Episode 010 - The transition of motherhood. Matresence with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.
Episode 09 - Differentiating & separating from your child
Episode 08 - Woke Parenting to Children That We Don't Own
Episode 07 - Bravery and Motherhood with Katie Dean
Episode 06b - Breaking The Chain of The Mother Line
Episode 06a - Are you a Victim, Martyr or both?
Episode 05 - The Way Through Mama Overwhelm

The Wellness Project Podcast

just for you

Tune in to catch up on Claire’s maiden podcast exploring all things wellness.

In The Wellness Project podcast, Claire shares openly and authentically. Offering up her insights, wisdom, musings, personal tool-kit, experiences and practical ideas for living a life of wellness in mind, body and soul.

With conversations covering meditation, yoga and spirituality to health, wellbeing, mindset, conscious living and conscious parenting, pregnancy, birth, babies and more  – you will want to catch up on and devour everyone of these delicious episodes!

Expect moments of contemplation mixed with inspired action and handy take-aways, Claire will support you on your journey to free your mind, fuel your body, feed your soul.


The Wellness Project Podcast features a mash-up of authentic conversations with thought-provoking and inspiring interviews with experts, teachers and thought-leaders.

Including Q&A sessions, answering listeners questions and regular mini-meditation sessions to support you to cultivate inner stillness, connection and clarity.


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Episode #5: How to have a beautiful birth with Lauren Falconer
Episode #4: Create a yoga and meditation practice that sticks
Episode #3 Guided Meditation - Relax into Breath, Soften into Presence
Episode #2: What might be your undoing - your expectations
Episode #1: Healing Your Shadow with Belinda Davidson

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