The Wellness Project Podcast is here!

Today is a good day.

Today marks twenty weeks in this second pregnancy. I’m now halfway through this pregnancy. Not only does that mean that we are getting closer to meeting this little soul baby but it also marks another key milestone, the second trimester feel-good factor! At twenty weeks I am feeling alive, creative, on-fire, vital, energetic.

Such a far cry from the way I felt from week 5 – 14. Ugh.

The journey of pregnancy is one of deep transformation and creation. It’s a time when I (mostly) feel my creative energy is being poured into the making of this baby, and there are not reserves left for much else.

However and gratefully, during this second trimester and right here at week 20 I feel those creative pistons firing again.

I feel the spark and excitement that comes forth from this renewed energy and igniting ideas and projects like never before.

There is also this sense of purpose and maybe a little pressure (time is of the essence when a little one is on the way) that is driving me right now.

This leads me to the birth of my very first podcast. (Ps if you can’t wait CLICK HERE to check it out and subscribe!)

Today has been made even better with the release of The Wellness Project Podcast with Claire Obeid.

I first felt the inspiration to create this podcast – a space where I could explore, through the spoken word, how to free your mind, fuel your body and feed your soul – just before I fell pregnant. And then, of course, the dreaded pregnancy sickness kicked in and everything became irrelevant and unimportant.

Which is my excitement is at an all time high that today you can start your journey with this podcast – there are 7 delicious episodes to sink into, two of which are guided meditations.

I almost thought this was going to be another of those ideas written off, long forgotten and buried forever in my evernote folder.


I know right, everyone is doing it and I’m probably a little late to the game (standard). To be honest I had never really considered it until one day when chatting to my soul-sister, Connie Chapman, I just thought; ‘Why not claire?’

From that day on Ive had that many people tell me that would love me to start a podcast.

Add to that the abundance of incredible feedback I frequently receive on ‘my voice’ – usually when people have purchased one of my meditation albums.

Finally, as I shared on social media, I have the gift of the gab. Something that was once seen as a ‘pain’ or ‘irritation’ from family, teachers and the like, is now seen as one of my talents – go figure.

I love ‘the word’… I love writing, I love sharing, speaking, teaching, learning, expressing.

A podcast just seems like an extension of that and a great way to commune and connect with you.


This podcast is pretty much a reflection of me on my wellness journey – everything that intrigues me, lights me up, uplevels me, supports me. I want you to experience all that and more.

It’s a mash-up of reflections and musings as I present topics and ideas that relate to mind-body-soul.

Self development, self-growth, self-exploration.

I share my own thoughts, my own wisdom and guidance and invite you to come of this journey into your mind, body and soul so you too can begin and be on your own wellness project.

I also offer free mini-guided meditations, because if there is only ONE thing you do for your well-being and self-development I wish for that to be meditation. I love meditating and supporting others to do the same. So look out for those episodes.

And finally, something I didn’t think I would do but couldn’t resist; I interview and chat with people I find inspirational. Thought leaders. Experts. Game-changers. Conscious folk. Its not so much about how famous they are, or how cutting edge, but more about what I feel they can offer in their own creative, curious and unique way. I hope each to these interviews shines a light for you, opens your heart and inspires a new way of thinking, being or believing. 


This has been my business name for a long time – I try and drop it but always circle back to it.

To me, wellness is a project. It’s not a start-to-finish journey. It’s always evolving, deepening, shifting, pivoting.

My journey has seen me dive deep into yoga, meditation, EFT, reflective work, clean eating, movement, spiritual practices, chakra work, reiki, abundance and manifestation practices, shadow work and on the list goes. It is a project- a project in my own well-being and one I am truly in love with. 


I’m going to be honest and say this; I’m aiming for weekly… it’ll probably end up being fortnightly, and perhaps post-baby monthly.

I’ve learnt the hard way – I’m not hard wired for too much yang energy. When I force, control, over-do, over-plan I crumble. My nervous system can’t cope and my anxiety flares. So I choose instead to have a framework (e.g weekly episodes) and from there I will intuitively respond to what is or isn’t working.


If it’s an episode where I am riffing/talking/reflecting I will be keeping it to 20 minutes or so. Bite sized chunks of wisdom, spiritual reflection and learnings.

Meditations will see-saw between 10-20minutes.

Interviews will be a little longer, usually from 40 – 60 minutes.

I’m aware that most people listen whilst driving/commuting to work, or cleaning/cooking around the house, exercising etc. I personally find it challenging to finish any podcast episode that is anything longer than an hour.

I know so many of you are busy entrepreneurs and mamas/papas. I respect your time and am stupidly grateful that you are tuning in and subscribing in the first place!


Ok, so you must be ready to jump in now?

7 episodes to choose from, with more on their way soon!

I’d be so grateful if you clicked here to visit my podcast page.

Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes so you are notified when more episodes are released.

Your thoughts, suggestions and reflections are wanting, needed – so please don’t hold back.

I’m feeling surprisingly calm, yet elated at the same time. To bring you this little baby at a time I thought I was done ‘creating’ really means the world.

Enjoy every minute of The Wellness Project Podcast with Claire Obeid (me!)

love and light,

Claire xx


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