I had a dream recently, in the soft-focus  moments of the early dawn. Half awake, almost groggy, dipping in and out of dreamland and reality….

It was a bizarre dream, that had no relevance to my reality, whatsoever. That is, until I put on my detectives hat…

Let me share this dream with you (bare with me here!)

  • I was driving a bus.
  • I had been ‘assigned’ this role, to transport people around the town.
  • Somehow, despite my resistance and loud protesting (I doth profess too much!), I ended up behind the wheel.
  • It was a big clunky bus, and I not only struggled to drive, but I didn’t know the route I was supposed to take. Clueless.
  • I planned to drive slowly and reference my google maps (ahh, technology) each time I stopped. But two friendly passengers said they’d direct me from the map.
  • I remember being very focused and determined. I had no idea why I was driving this bus, except that it was something I had to do, no one else.
  • Everything was going along ok, until the passengers directing me got distracted. (Umm, hello?!)
  • I took a wrong turn and ended up, stuck, uphill.
  • I couldn’t manoeuvre the bus, turn it around or go backwards. My bus-driving skills or lack-of really showed face at this point.
  • I remember thinking, ‘Oh! If only they were paying attention, I wouldn’t be in this mess’.
  • Then, true to form, I woke up.

It was 5:30am as I rose. Barely awake I stumbled to the bathroom, letting the dream roll around in my mind a little longer.

Normally, I’d dismiss it and get on with my day. Lately, however, I’ve been paying close attention to my dreams a little more than usual (well, the ones I remember!) I’ve set the commitment to see or hear the underlying messages beaming out of my subconscious onto the movie screen of my mind. I’m pulling out my magnifying glass and whacking on my detectives hat for a little reconnaissance mission into the depths of my sub-conscious mind.

It didn’t take me long to ‘see’ what I was really meant to… it’s amazing when you set a focused mind onto a ‘task’ how easily it’ll bare fruit.

Let me share with you the THREE Lessons I learnt from my dream:

1) Sometimes we receive ‘assignments’ in life – challenges, experiences, circumstances – that we don’t quite understand.

Nor do we now WHY it has come to us or what the steps we are meant to climb. But here’s the clincher… we aren’t meant to know. Really, we just need to know the first step and the general idea of what we are dong and where we are going. Our inner compass just needs to point due north and then the details will figure themselves out… only once we’ve communicated loud and clear that we are willing to ‘go there’ – wherever ‘there’ might be.

I can see that this ‘job’ of transporting people (guiding them home!) is a role that I am meant to fulfil. Coaching, teaching, guiding … this is what I do and sometimes I can’t see farther then the first step. Sometimes I feel a little clueless, but as soon as I take that first bold yet deliberately cautious ‘do-I-know-what-I’m-doing’ step, it all unfolds with ease, like a big, softening sigh at the end of a yoga class…

2) There needs to be an unlimited supply of trust to navigate through these experiences.

A constant, and steady drip of trust being intravenously fed into us from the divine. Without it we are faithless, fearful and full to the brim with questions as we try and ‘figure it all out’.

In this dream, I took my assignment, despite being confused and literally lost. To me, this is an affirmation that all the inner work I have been doing to cultivate more trust in my life is finally shining through.

3) Life has an interplay of influence and intuition.

The passengers that helped me offered their guidance. Which is something, in my life, I readily and openly accept from other teachers, healers, experts. It’s something I have done more and more of over the last few years. If I feel I can learn from someone, I’ll jump right in. I’m open to guidance.

However, this dream indicated to me, very clearly, that the influence and help of others can only get me so far. I have to remain present and aware in every assignment and to ensuree that I am open to receiving direction from my own intuition. She’s always talking to me, but sometimes I’m not listening. How very sad.

In the dream I ‘blindly’ listened to the instructions of my helpers, without tapping into my own resources – intuition, knowledge, reading the signs, the tools I’ve learned –   to navigate. If I had been a little more switched on I would’ve seen that hill uphead and made my own empowered decision to not (cluelessly) drive up it.

It’s as though I had switched off my own inner compass system because I felt ‘safe’ that someone else had that sorted for me.

Missed the point. This is never the case.

Embrace your assignments

Every single assignment, every single experience that unfolds for us is actually FROM us (the higher consciousness), which means its pre-designed for our own growth and evolution. Suffice to say, then, wouldn’t we do better by staying completely present and taking ownership for our role within the journey? I recently wrote about Being Your Own Guru that relates to this message.

Within that simple, harmless dream I’ve come out with three powerful reminders. Whether these are spot or not, it doesn’t matter. I am interpreting them for me, from me, in a way that will most supportive to me.

Making time for dream-time

My family have always ‘interpreted’ dreams. And by interpret I mean in that ‘wise-woman’ old-world sort of way. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve pulled up to the kitchen table, pjs still on, eyes half-open and said “Mum, I had this dream… what do you think it means?”

Somewhere over the last 10 years I’ve forgotten to pay attention. Now, I’m eyes-wide-open. Ready to learn from what can only be a vast, endless pool of universal wisdom.

After all,if we are the perfect expression of the divine infinite, and we are connected to and forever part of this source, then wouldn’t that mean that our dreams can be uninterrupted and direct conversations with this higher power?

Start to interpret your dreams

  • Try this.
  • Keep a journal by your bed.
  • As you rise, jot down as much detail as you can about any of the dreams you can remember.
  • If there is something n there fo you, one or all of those dreams might stick to you, like glue. Maybe you can’t shake it, or keep thinking about, or it just stands out.
  • When you have the time, ponder on the elements of the dream and try and read them through their meaning. E.g. What did I feel when I was first assigned that bus driving job? Confused, unsure, intrigued, but willing. What did you do next? Accept the role and move forward, despite those feelings.
  • So, where else in your life is this being mirrored?
  • Once you’ve started to pull it apart a little, journal on it. Tease out the insights, the lessons.

Your turn: Do you dream alot? Do you interpret your dreams often? Any dream-time lessons you can share?

love + light,

Claire x


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