Are you open to trying something new?

are you open to trying something new 

Do you remember when I shared a little while back about the life-changing, almost super-natural spiritual experience I had? I wrote a post about the experiences I had at Belinda Davidson’s Shadow Working Workshop.

That experience changed me. Deeply. On a cellular level, energetic plane and in spiritual understanding of what I’m doing, where I’m out of alignment and what needed to change.

This insanely BIG experience at the shadow workshop actually left me in a state of shock (not unlike PTSD) and a little numb from the ‘bigness’ of what unfolded.

It took me three months to fully integrate what had happened (physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically) and it’s taken me that much time to SEE and LEARN what I needed to. It’s been a wild few months to say the least.

You might have noticed, beautiful people, that my focus and direction has shifted slightly in life and business. Through the revelation of where I am out of alignment and the shadow blocks within me I was gifted deep clarity and understanding. It has just brought me back into alignment.

In order to understand this shift there is something we have to be clear on – what exactly IS my alignment? (A good question we should always be asking ourselves).

Empowered Wellness.
Tools to support the mind, body and soul.
Inside-out well-being.
Holistic Health.
Working with mama nature.

Spiritual Awareness
Working with your wisdom

When I am aligned, in both play and work, I harness tools that I have come to passionately believe in – these tools bring me and my clients back to health, vitality, lightness, joy, clarity, vibrancy. It literally LIGHTS ME UP to LEARN and discover more ways to support the mind, body and soul.

What are (some of) those tools?

  • Meditation
  • EFT (tapping)
  • Journaling
  • Chakra Work
  • Clean Eating
  • Chemical free living
  • Yoga + Breathwork
  • Holding circle for women
That is my alignment. This is what makes me feel aligned. This is what helping others ‘align’ is all about.

During this wild journey of self-discovery – as I came face to face with some serious truths, shadows and limiting beliefs – and I had a few clear visions and realisation. During meditations or white light sessions I would often SEE myself in past lives, working with bottles, healing with my hands, using concotions and ointments to support those in pain or those sick.

I also discovered that in many (in fact, most) of my past lives I have been a healer/midwife/witch/doula/herbologist of some sort. It’s threaded into the DNA of my soul.

So, when something NEW came along in my life a few months back it quickly shone a light on all that wasn’t in alignment and that I had to let go of.

I absolutely HAD to be open to trying something new. To change with the energy shifting within me.

And in doing so I’ve created the space to learn more, explore more and now I can share MORE.


This ‘something NEW’ that has forced me into soul-alignment and has added a new dimension to my LIFE and business is the powerful, potent and precious doTERRA Essential Oils.

You know what? I’m going to lay it all on the table – full, raw honesty.

I battled SO much with INVITING doTERRA into my business.Why? Why did I battle so much? My fear-based, ego chatter might give you an insight. It went something like this:

Everyone else is doing it.
It’s a saturated market.
You’d be doing something that is kinda old news by now.
It’s going to be SO much extra work for you.
You don’t have the time for another ‘project’ or tool.

What will everyone think of you?


Sometimes when we are called to something it often doesn’t make sense. It often can fill a long list of ‘CONS’ when weighing it all up.

Yet, the feeling… that intuitive pull asking you to SAY YES and follow through. Well, that is so strong you can’t say no, even if you want to.

Not to mention that I love learning. When I find something that really tugs at my soul I can’t help but to dive in more – to learn more, to school up on it. Are you like that too?

I’ve played with the oils in my home, for my own self-care, for my little family. For friends and beyond. And I’ve fallen in love. They are part of my ‘tool-kit’ now.

  • I’ve seen these oils calm a crazy toddler down and boost her immune system.
  • They’ve brightened my skin and healed hormonal breakouts.
  • These oils have taken me deeper into meditation.
  • And healed cuts and bruises.
  • They help us transition from play to bedtime
  • And have carried me through some intense spiritual experiences.
  • They’ve added depth, flavour and so much more to my food!
  • My home is chemical free replaced with all-natural homemade cleaning products

The list goes on – non toxic, pure and direct from Mama Earth. 


So this is me, now, announcing with such PRIDE and JOY that I am now a passionate Essential Oil user and sharer. I have been for a while now, I’m just officially ‘coming out’.

They are beautifully weaving into my coaching work, EFT sessions in our live Mama Workshops and beyond. I am so excited to bring them to YOU too.

The real question is, are you OPEN to trying and experiencing something new?


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