One Woke Mama – Episode011 – Becoming a whole being mama; embracing the light and shadow within you

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

In this episode I explore what it means to become and and to be a whole being mama from the space of fully embracing and integrating all shades of ourselves.

The light.
the dark.
The grey in between.

The shadows as well as all that which we label to be good and right – the parts of ourselves we are happy to own and wear proudly and the parts that we aren’t willing to look at and prefer to hide away.

What does it mean to you to finally be OK with all parts and pieces of you, instead of condemning one quality and applauding another? Instead of trying to fix parts of you that you label broken, to instead love all of you and what it provides – to you, your family, your children and the world you are in.

In episode 011 I simply riff, on planned, on this powerful idea of embracing yourself in wholeness, warts and all.

Listen to Episode 011

Show Notes

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