One Woke Mama – Episode 06b – Breaking The Chain of The Mother Line

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Episode 06b: Breaking the chain of The Mother Line

This episodes directly links and relates back to the previous episode, Episode 06b on the Victim/Martyr archetypes that we often embody. However, in today’s episode we dive deeper into the idea that we can, quite simply, begin the process of breaking the chain of ANY learned behaviour, belief and thought system that you most likely have been passed down, along the chain.

We are in the chain, the line or ‘red string’ with our mother (also father, family, most influential friends, teachers etc) For me, as a mama, I can see that the mother line and patriarchal influence has bound me into a few habits that I am so willing and ready to release.

From the victim/marty archetypes ruling my life to the sacred wounds from pre-birth and even to the learned behaviour (quick to anger, bossiness etc) I received from my parents.

I know that, for my children, I can as much as possible prevent some of the unnecessary hurts, roles and attitudes from being absorbed as deeply. It’s the least I can do – show up for them willing to clear the slate and to give them a chance to show up in the world with minimal baggage. Know this though, this is just as much about them as it is about us – healing these wounds is part of our growth and journey as women and mamas. As human beings, simply.

Dive in to receive my personal insight and ideas on how to break the chain.


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