One Woke Mama – Episode 021 – Why it’s OK to say NO to your children

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 021 – Why it’s OK to say NO to your children

As mothers saying NO to our children is not something we are always comfortable with. When we are programmed to believe we are responsible for their ever need, want, desire – their emotional, mental and physical well being – then practising the art of saying NO to your child may not initially be an easy process.

I share how I’ve slowly learned the power and importance and art of saying NO to my children (in certain times and situations) and why it’s necessary.

Saying No to your child will teach them many things.

It Teaches them to honour their capacity.
To respect other ppl and be a citizen of the world. Becoming more Empathetic.
Teaches them they are OK just sometimes other ppl can’t be there for them and this in turn teaches resilience…

But it’s important as a mama as well to be able to hold our energy and our boundaries, to be strong in our decisions and to do some from a place of love and respect. Honouring their needs, seeing their desires but also honouring your capacity to provide and hold space for those needs.

It teaches us mamas to constantly be self-referencing and looking after ourselves, not just in automatic pilot mode – putting their needs first and forgetting our own.

I do a lot of checking in with myself – if I’m capable of holding space for my children and connecting I do, fully, but I’m also not afraid to tell her if I don’t have the capacity right now to be what she needs or offer what she wants.

I’ll give her a framework/guidance as to what and when I can meet her needs. We talk about mamas love bucket inside that’s a bit empty so I need some quiet, yoga, meditation, tea or whatever so I can come back online and ready to serve and be fully with her. She gets it. Other times I crack it and then use it as a way to teach authenticity, showing up as my raw human self and all my flaws. “I’m sorry I snapped honey. I can see I’m a bit tender, off and worn out today… it wasn’t nice to snap at you. It didn’t feel good to do that but I can see I need xxx and you need yyy… let’s find a way together.”

Saying NO offers a lot of growth, for all parties involved.

Tune in to learn more and discover for yourself how and why saying NO can empower you.

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