One Woke Mama – Episode 012 – When We Tidy And Fuss To Much Instead Of Being Present And Connected

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When We Tidy And Fuss To Much Instead Of Being Present And Connected

Oh my, the chaos of the kids can be overwhelming. You know what I’m talking about right? With a now moving and climbing toddler and a 4.5 yo that wants to draw and do more focused work – the clash of their needs.

Their demands of me, my body, my attention and my service.

I find I flit around the house tidying up around them, packing up, clearing, putting on laundry.

Keeping busy. Yes, getting things done. Important things that keep this ship afloat. The breakfast, the supplements, the clothes and shoes and jackets and boots.

But if I’m honest, some of this – alot of this – is a coping mechanism. A way to stay distracted and to avoid the exhaustion in my bones, keep the frustration at bay, to forget that the connection with myself is unthreading with every day in motherhood that I forget to (or can’t) tune into me and my needs


So I’ve been watching this within myself. With a sense of fascination. With a sense of curiosity. If we can’t hold ourselves in the energy of observation and curiosity then we’ll spiral into despair and disappointment and our ego will take hold and start labelling everything as bad, horrible, not good – including self judgment and all that comes with that.

So whilst holding myself in this awareness state I’ve started to question what would happen if I did things a little differently? Not everyday – no need to add more things on my ‘must perfect’ list.

But just to trial a new way of showing up. A more embodied way, present, out of my head and totally ok to feel whatever I am feeling without reacting and without distracting.

  • What would happen if I let the toys pile up?www
  • If I let them be and completely run amuck?
  • What would happen if I slowed up?
  • Showed up. Or didn’t, just held space?
  • What does non-attachment and surrender look like during the mundane daily moments of my life?
  • What does it feel like to observe and just be without taking action – fixing, repairing, fussing? Which is a form of laying my anxiety on my children by suffocating their space and their experience.

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