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Why you should meditate with me

In case you don’t know me, my name is Claire Obeid. I am a Life + Wellness Coach a meditation teacher and yogi (teacher and student).  I’m also a mama to one spirited little lady — more on her in a moment! To read more about my story, head this way.

I have a passion for sharing anything that has changed my life with others (it’s a compulsion!).

And meditation is, without doubt, the big kahuna of all the transformational tools I’ve ever experienced. So, for more than three years, I’ve been madly, passionately, and gratefully singing the praises of this beautiful practice and guiding other women to incorporate it into their lives.





That passion and gratitude is carefully woven through every single meditation I create and share.

Which, I’m proud to say, is why I’ve received hundreds of emails over the years full of words like:

  • Life-changing
  • Most soothing voice ever
  • I finally feel content
  • Managing stress is easier now
  • I sleep so deeply
  • Your meditations are the best I’ve ever heard

So when it comes to creating beautiful, relaxing, guided meditations, it’s safe to say I know my stuff. But that’s only part of why they’re so powerful.


The real reason why my meditations are so effective? It’s because I get it.

I’m a mama to one incredibly spirited little girl, and I know first hand the power of a daily meditation practice in carrying me through both the joyful and the trying times.

I describe my daughter as the ‘more baby’… If she is sad, she is ‘more sad’. If she is joyful, she is ‘more joyful’. Everything she feels and experiences is dialled right up… Which means my need for stillness, inner peace, presence and patience is even more important.

I used to meditate religiously before my baby. However in the first few months of motherhood, I lost traction with my practice and wow, the difference was phenomenal – Stressed. Insanely anxious. Moody. Irritated. Confused. Lost. Reactive. And not a whole lot of fun to be around.



Reconnecting with my practice – and by extension, with myself – was what finally shifted things for me. It was what made me feel more myself and more of a mother at the same time. It was the catalyst that transformed everything.

So these days, getting my Om on daily is my ultimate best friend.

I can literally see the difference in how I cope, sleep, think, respond, love, behave and manage when I meditate and refill my love-cup regularly.

I would love to help you experience that difference too.

So, beautiful mama, I know what you’re going through. I’m IN it with you – which is why I know for sure that this is the greatest, most supportive gift I can give you: the chance to meditate, be mindful and experience self-love.


Want a little taste?  Click below to listen to a sample of my meditations.

Sample Audio #1  | Sample Audio #2

Join us Mama, for some loving!