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Let me be frank here – you need this. This is not a ‘luxury’ or a ‘nice to have’, dear mama… This is a must-have. It’s time to get your OM on.

You need this in the same way your body needs fresh air to breathe. This is lifeblood. This is the stuff that is going to get you through the most incredible yet challenging job on earth.

Honestly, I don’t know how other mamas get through the day without meditation, mindfulness and a serious dose of self-love. As mamas, the output of love is insane. We give so much love – to our children, our families, our partners, even our homes. Not to mention that many of us are working too – with jobs and careers demanding our energy.





Then there are the thousands of anxious thoughts, worries and concerns that keep us awake at night from the moment our babes are in our arms (if not before!). The mind chatter reaches full volume for us mamas.

So, it’s easy to see why we set aside the oh-so-necessary dose of self-love that we need.

Even when we are mamas-in-training with full, blooming bellies, we are already in the cycle of give-give and give some more – our bodies are literally creating and sustaining life.

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And right from the moment you first discover you’re pregnant, everything (rightly so) becomes about this new little soul. Your days of self-centred living are numbered!

For most of us busy mamas, we don’t have time to luxuriate in long bubble baths, pampering spa sessions, or long girly lunches. Yes, we do still get to enjoy these things, but they don’t (can’t!) happen often enough in order to fill our love-cup to the brim.

That’s why we need something else that will do a better (more efficient!) job at helping us tap into that inner love. And that something has got to nurture that love-bubble within us so much that it expands, overflows, and pours out of us and into our divine little bubbas, partners, families and communities.


So, what can we do to fill up our love? How can we find presence and tap into that calm + serene state? How can we refuel ourselves? (Because truthfully, no one else is going to do it for us!)

Again, the answer is simple… Meditation.

A soulful, spiritually-minded meditation practice will support you beautifully, day after day after day (as long as you show up for it). Of course, as a mama, this practice has to fit in with the realities of your life. Which means ‘strict’ and ‘rigid’ are out, in favour of flexibility, fluidity and warmth. We need a way to turn and tune inwards and get a serious dose of love.

In Om Mama Love, we do this through a simple ritual that harnesses the power of these four spiritual pillars: Meditation. Reflection. Inspiration. Affirmation.

The ritual is flexible, online, on-tap and requires minimal commitment and effort – after all, anything too rigid or requiring too much of our time is just not going to happen.



The Om Mama Love Membership is precisely that – flexible spirituality that will keep you calm, centred, tuned in.

Creating a pocket of stillness within to cope with the whirlwind that is motherhood.
Are you ready to Ommm, Mama?