Om Mama Love – Meditation, mindfulness and self love for the soul-centred mama


Welcome to Om Mama Love – a meditation package to help mamas get their zen on with a simple, nourishing practice of. Let me be frank here – you need this. This is not a ‘luxury’ or a ‘nice to have’, dear mama… This is a must-have. It’s time to get your OM on.

You need this in the same way your body needs fresh air to breathe. This is lifeblood. This is the stuff that is going to get you through the most incredible yet challenging job on earth.

Honestly, I don’t know how other mamas get through the day without meditation, mindfulness and a serious dose of self-love. As mamas, the output of love is insane. We give so much love – to our children, our families, our partners, even our homes. Not to mention that many of us are working too – with jobs and careers demanding our energy.





Then there are the thousands of anxious thoughts, worries and concerns that keep us awake at night from the moment our babes are in our arms (if not before!). The mind chatter reaches full volume for us mamas.

So, it’s easy to see why we set aside the oh-so-necessary dose of self-love that we need.

Even when we are mamas-in-training with full, blooming bellies, we are already in the cycle of give-give and give some more – our bodies are literally creating and sustaining life.


And right from the moment you first discover you’re pregnant, everything (rightly so) becomes about this new little soul. Your days of self-centred living are numbered!

For most of us busy mamas, we don’t have time to luxuriate in long bubble baths, pampering spa sessions, or long girly lunches. Yes, we do still get to enjoy these things, but they don’t (can’t!) happen often enough in order to fill our love-cup to the brim.

That’s why we need something else that will do a better (more efficient!) job at helping us tap into that inner love. And that something has got to nurture that love-bubble within us so much that it expands, overflows, and pours out of us and into our divine little bubbas, partners, families and communities.


So, what can we do to fill up our love? How can we find presence and tap into that calm + serene state? How can we refuel ourselves? (Because truthfully, no one else is going to do it for us!)

The answer is simple… Meditation.

A soulful, spiritually-minded meditation practice will support you beautifully, day after day after day (as long as you show up for it). Of course, as a mama, this practice has to fit in with the realities of your life. Which means ‘strict’ and ‘rigid’ are out, in favour of flexibility, fluidity and warmth. We need a way to turn and tune inwards and get a serious dose of love.

In Om Mama Love, we do this through two simple rituals; Meditation and Affirmation

The ritual requires minimal commitment and effort – after all, anything too rigid or requiring too much of our time is just not going to happen.





You’ve probably already heard how powerful meditation is. But did you know that…

Meditation has been proven to do a better job at making you feel more alert and vital than sleep does!

It’s also widely known to dramatically reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, helping you find a state of calm and clarity despite the challenges you face.
Not to mention the increased connection meditation allows you to cultivate with yourself and others (i.e. your baby and family) through higher emotional intelligence and compassion.

Here’s what people are saying…

I find something new every time – a new insight, awareness or a shift in feeling and connection. Most often, my response to hearing Claire’s voice say “It is now time to leave this meditation” is… not yet! It is such a lovely space to occupy.

Jen McConachy, Sydney, Australia


It only took one track to convince me to buy Claire’s meditation album – it blew me away with it’s clear, strong and pretty vocals, and relaxing modern music. It’s one of the strongest meditation albums I’ve ever listened to. Although the meditations have a clear spiritual goal, they also remain very grounded.

Because of Claire’s gentle, empowered voice, you trust and feel totally at ease with Claire’s teachings – which is really what they are. This is not just a meditation album, it’s a learning experience. I would recommend this to my nearest & dearest, to help them feel peaceful, strong & empowered.

Frances Verbeek | Sydney, Australia


Stillness, Clarity, Connection has introduced me to meditation in a gentle, easily accessible way. Before now, meditation has been something forever on my to-do list, yet something I never made time for. After just two days of listening to Stillness, Clarity, Connection, I had already noticed a difference in my overall mood and in the way I reacted to moments of stress and tension. Now, I begin and end each day with one of Claire’s meditations and it’s a pleasant experience that I look forward to. Claire’s warm guidance has made finding moments of quiet achievable; a reminder to breathe and connect with the present moment.

Camilla Fisher | Newcastle, Australia


These 11 delightful meditations from Claire speak to my soul. To wake in the morning bleary eyed and allow myself to keep a state of softness as I am guided by her voice is the very definition of self-love. I feel supported and set up for the day. In some magical way the focus for each track seems directly crafted for what I need in my life at that time. Purchasing this album was a gift in so many ways.

Tania Morgan | Melbourne, Australia

As soon as I saw that Claire was releasing a meditation album, I knew I needed to dive straight in. Her latest meditations are a powerful collection of heart-centred meditations which have now become a vital tool in my wellness arsenal. Having a collection of meditations led by Claire’s soulful voice makes easing into meditation so much easier and I feel alive and more in tune with my mind and body. I love that I have a gift that I can give back to myself daily.

Kellie Howard-Dean | Gold Coast, Australia


Claire’s meditation album is quite possibly my favourite ever meditation related purchase. There’s such diversity of ‘issues’ covered within the tracks, but I know I’ll be feeling much calmer after no matter which I go for. They’re also a really great length. Enough time for me to really settle into the meditation ‘zone’, but not so long that I feel they’re taking too much time out of my day (as a meditation newbie!). Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Elizabeth Goddard | Nottingham, UK


Claire’s album is simply gorgeous. Her voice is calming and easy to listen to as she guides you through her beautifully constructed meditations. Each meditation is a perfect length to listen to at any time of day that works best for you. Her album would suit anyone, no matter where you are on your meditation journey. It offers everything that the title promises – it is an absolute must for everyone’s meditation toolkit.

Steph Lethlean | Bangkok, Thailand


Claire’s first meditation album Stillness, Clarity, Connection is the most beautiful collection of meditations I’ve ever come across. Her voice is gorgeous and soothing, and the meditations are not only relaxing, but engage my imagination in a way that opens new avenues of possibility each time I listen to them. After years of resisting building a regular meditation practice, I now look forward to the 10 minutes each morning that I spend listening to one of these lovely gems. It is truly transformative.

Vivian Liebenson | Maryland, USA

The Om Mama Love Meditation Album + Affirmation cards offers easy, flexible spirituality that will keep you calm, centred, tuned in.

Creating a pocket of stillness within to cope with the whirlwind that is motherhood.
Are you ready to Ommm, Mama?

Purchase now and receive:.

12 x Downloadable Meditations:

A professionally recorded meditation from Claire that dives into common mama concerns, and experiences. This is your chance to find stillness in the beautiful storm of motherhood.


12 x Digital Affirmation Cards:

Each ‘Mama Mantra’ will keep you high-vibing and on point (after all, our thoughts become our reality!). A way to stay aligned and connected to your powerful journey through Om Mama Love and into meditation, mindfulness and self love.