New ventures. Teaming up. Being a #girlboss

New ventures. Teaming up. Being a #girlboss…

Over the last few weeks my beautiful Soleil’s first birthday has consumed alot of my energy! What a milestone. I wasn’t expecting to feel so overwhelmed, emotional, reflective and torn – yes I love watching her grow, explore, expand in mind-body-soul. But I also realise now how fleeting every moment is and that this little being is embarking on her own journey and I am truly her guide and one day will have to set her free. For now I’m holding on tight, but her first birthday has really stirred up alot. More than I can say right now.

One thing it has raised is the question of who I want to be – to her, and to my family.

What kind of mother do I want her to be raised by?

What kind of woman do I want her to witness and learn from?

And what has been clanging withing me loudly, clearly is this…

I want my daughter to be strong, independent, to take ownership of her life. To be part of something great. To create greatness. To call the shots and not be a follower. To have freedom and make her own rules. To take risks. To collaborate and make beauty, spread love, share light and help others. To be her own #girlboss and follow her heart.

Which means I need to embody and be all of these. To lead by example. To influence through inspiration. We learn from what we witness, what we soak up via osmosis. Not just what we are ‘told’ to do or think or be.

So THIS is my focus right now. I’m taking risks. I’m embarking on a new journey and I’m choosing to collaborate, team up and spread light and love in an even more conscious and dedicated way.

I’m sinking my teeth into a new business venture – one that is creating MORE in my life and will do the same for so many others.

More freedom

More flexibility

More health

More wealth

More life

More opportunity to be the #girlboss, risk taker, collaborator, love + light worker that I want to be and that I want my daughter to witness and experience (and become if it so calls her too!)

I’ve teamed up with an exciting wellness company and I am now part of a team – which feels so good after being a solo entrepreneur for years now, and I’m building my own kick-ass team who are also hungry for MORE. To have found something that is in alignment with my values around health and wellness and that allows me flexibility, independence, freedom and so much more.. well I feel like the cat that got the cream!

(P.S If you are intrigued by this and want to create your own successful independent biz, be part of a team and make a difference to the health and wellness of others shoot me an email and let’s chat! [email protected])


Yes this is all happening around the rest of life – coaching, running a home, managing a super active 1 year old, maintaining my health, moving my body. It’s FULL plate right now. But it feels good…

It feels amazing to have that buzz of life, of growth, of connection and new adventures throbbing in my veins. My heart is saying a BIG yes to all of it. And I’m so grateful to the little sun beam that is my daughter for inspiring this insatiable appetite for MORE.

Wishing you that same electric feeling that LIFE gives you when you take a big old tasty bite.

love + light,

Claire x


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