I think it’s important to note that I am constantly inspired and influenced by so many things, situations, experiences but mostly, people!

There are so many brilliant change-makers out there at the moment. And they are just at our door-step, ready and willing to share their passions with you. Inspiration is a cyclic experience. You are inspired, you then mould and change and re-form that inspiration into something just for you. You share that. And you in turn inspire someone else. I think that’s pretty special.

Inspiration is important to me so I have decided to pay homage to it and all those amazing individuals with this new blog series: The Inspiration corner. This is also a chance for me to share these awesome individuals and their own inspiration with you.

So, to kick it off I’d like to introduce the first inspiration individual, Melinda Cornford.

Mel and I have crossed paths a few times. In our past lives in the media industry but more recently as two passionate wellness seekers. She has had a few unexpected turns and twists happen career wise in the last year but this has led her onto the most amazing path and I’d definitely keep an eye on Mel. Big things to happen, I’m sure!

 I asked Mel what she is inspired by…

 At the moment I’m inspired every day by my followers (on The Workout Room).  Receiving an email, tweet or comment about how one of my posts, tips or recipe has inspired them to make healthy changes in their lives puts a gigantic spring in my step. One of my night-owl girlfriends, who traditionally has chocolate and a can of V for breakfast, recently started running of a morning. I was blown away – she had to send me a photo to prove it. It’s those kind of success stories that get me out of bed of a morning and encourage me to do more.

And what makes Mel feel alive and where does she get her inspiration from?

I’m inspired by anyone who passionately follows their dreams. I love meeting or reading about people who are living every day doing something that makes them or others truly happy. I that kind of passion is infectious. Right now, women like activewear entrepreneur Lorna Jane Clarkson, wellness warrior Jess Ainscough, inspiration guru Gabby Burnstein and the author of this very blog, Claire Obeid, inspire me every day.

Aww, thanks Mel! 😀

Check out Mel’s new blog, The Workout Room and join her growing facebook community. Tweet, tweet her way if you are so inclined!

Wishing you a day filled with inspiration.

Saha to you,


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