I’m not a naturally flexible person. I make sure I tell this to my students often. Why? Because when I first starting practising yoga (I was constantly in throws of frustration towards my body and its limitations) I would’ve LOVED to hear from my bendy, strong teachers that they, like me, weren’t flexible, or a gymnast, or a dancer. It would’ve reminded me that if I believe in myself, dedicate to this practice and persevere with mind and body that anything is possible. And it is.

But, my naturally inflexible body has come a long way. I probably will never be able to do everything that yoga offers. It doesn’t matter though, because each day something different happens, my body evolves, my understanding deepens and my love affair continues.

Because of that, everyday I dedicate myself to it. Even if it’s just for five minutes each morning, or 20, or 2 hours, whenever I can get on my mat, I do. Especially when I am busy. And last week, that is what happened. I was busy, but I reminded myself what I say to my students all the time. It’s the busy moments when we need to hit the mat even more. Just for a moment or two.
So I filmed my morning warm-up practise to demonstrate the simplicity in taking 20 minutes to hit the mat, to stretch and move in anyway your body asks you to. If I don’t, my body feels stiff for hours, it’s not happy and I don’t blame it.
In this video, despite feeling a little stiff after two days off and with a lower back injury I find that my warm-up still made me feel realigned and open, corrected even.  Yoga corrects me. It reminds me to stand tall, to think and feel with lightness, to respect my body and breath and to realign me – energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally – each and everyday. I sped the video up so it doesn’t take long to watch.

Yoga isn’t about demonstrating flexibility. Yes, as some point flexibility is required for some poses. But, you don’t need flexibility, or strength, or co-ordination to feel how yoga can ‘correct’ you. In fact, just being on the mat, trying, dedicating to it and embracing it, therein is the act of yoga. And, it’s not just the asana that literally makes your body realign, the self-awareness and understanding born from yoga practice literally corrects, changes, reshapes the way you view the world, people in, situations, attitudes. It brings you into a clear state of being – mind, body and breath.

I understand that yoga might not be for everyone. Fair enough. But if you even have a small inkling that it might, hit the mat. Try it. Just once. You might stand corrected.

Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Exhale. Live.

Claire x



  1. Hi Claire,

    Strangely enough, I can't seem to watch the video. It just says 'this video is private'? Am I doing something wrong?

    Cheers – Jess

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