My new podcast is here! Introducing One Woke Mama

Introducing my new podcast – One Woke Mama; the journey of awakening through motherhood.

So I’m what you’d call a ‘grower’.

Even during times when I’d much rather be the kind of person to blindly move through life (smashing it all up with no reflection and a heap of fun) I simply can’t avoid my soul programming – the inner desire, need and calling to learn and grow from my life experiences.

I think it’s part of why I’m ‘here’ (earth side) again. There’s something I’m looking for (aren’t we all?) Something I’m trying to grasp at (I’m had a greater, stronger sense of what that is and not surprisingly it relates to two major things;LOVE and PURPOSE) which can only be reached – for me at least – through growth work.

Sometimes that growth work is light, effortless and soaked through with an easy sensibility. A more feathery light touch to self development. Other times it’s BIG and requires all of me.It’s deep and mind-glowingly beautiful (and uncomfortable!)

So it’s no surprise to me that here I am relaunching my podcast (finally – whoop whoop!) And relaunching it on Easter Monday – a time that represents REBIRTH. 

This podcast centres on the growth journey towards consciousness that motherhood has activated.

Becoming more ‘WOKE’. On the journey towards awareness, insight, wisdom as One Woke Mama.


ONE WOKE MAMA will take you with me – as I deep dive through motherhood and the consciousness it demands of me. 

‘One Woke Mama’ is journey of awakening through the raw, sometimes painful, always beautiful and definitely messy ride that is motherhood.

This is OUR journey, beautiful mamas (and YES this podcast can be easily, happily and fruitfully listened to by all!) in mind, body and soul towards consciousness.

Seeking clarity.
Hunting down the truth.
Diving into the discomfort of healing.
Uncovering shadowsand rising out of them back.
Risinginto a NEW woman.

Through my personal brand of storytelling, musings, wisdom bombs and insights we journey into motherhood,the catalyst, if you so choose, to become more conscious, aware… woke.

I’m just one mama following the path to WOKE. And I hope you choose to wake up with me too.

Interviews, meditations, musings, stories, riffing and more. Similar flavour and vibe to The Wellness Project Podcast, but with a different focus and energy. I’ve been through a WILD (motherhood) ride and I feel called to share it and support other mamas too.


So what is left for you to do? LISTEN IN.

This is for you, from me, and for me too. For all of us. I’m so ridiculously excited to be sharing this with you – getting this together amongst the daily grind of motherhood is no small feat (also, I prioritise self care and slowing down when the juggle is draining or times are challenging)

Click on THIS image below to be taken to the podcast HQ.

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One Woke Mama Current Episode Playlist

Episode Ground Zero – The framework and energy of One Woke Mama

Episode 01 – How Our Children Trigger Our Shadows

Episode 02 – Authenticity in Motherhood

Episode 03 –Healing, Growing and Awakening through Motherhood; Interview with Maryanne Sea

Episode 04 –How Self Love Makes You A More Loving Mama + Meditation


This podcast is a real-time, real-life unfolding of what I’m learning, experiencing, processing, reflecting and growing through. It’s designed to share, authentically (which is how I best teach) and to also encircle YOU in this journey. Supporting your own journey of awakening.

I cannot WAIT to hear what you think. Hit me back on email here or better still, let’s connect via Instagram – @claireowellness– which is where I tend to hang the most.

love and light,

Claire x


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