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I’ve blogged about Reiki some time ago, but my experience with it this time has been very different.

Before I go any further, let me explain what it is and what the benefits are.

The word, Reiki means universal life force – energy. It’s the life force that is within us and around us. You can rationalise your way around it – rejecting it because you can’t see it. But if you are open to it, you can certainly feel it.

My Reiki teacher, Franziska Mayr is the best person to shed more light on Reiki, or Energy Healing.

Can you explain what Reiki is?
The origin of Reiki can be traced back to ancient Tibet, thousands of years ago. This technique was rediscovered in the late 1800?s – early 1900?s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. The tradition of Reiki was an oral one, and was passed on by master to master and student to student by word of mouth. Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force’ and and promotes the body’s self-healing ability by removing energy blockages and raising the vibrational frequency in and around the body. It creates inner peace and heals physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

What do you recommend Reiki for?
Reiki generates deep relaxation, releases stress and tension, eliminates built-up toxins, reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system. It also increases energy levels, vitality and postpones the aging process. During times of emotional distress and sorrow Reiki offers great relief and assists in the grieving process. Reiki is very helpful in coping with anxiety, depression and the breaking of addictions. It improves self-esteem and aids better sleep. Reiki relieves pain, helps with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and speeds up the recovery from surgery or long-term illness. As it tends to reduce side-effects, it helps in adjusting to medicine/treatment like Chemo-therapy and Radio-therapy.

What are you, as a practitioner, trying to achieve for your clients?
My goal is to help my clients lead fulfilling and inspired lives by tapping into their full potential. My aim is to support my clients through their transformation, facilitate healing and also guide them in opening their hearts and finding their life purpose.

From a personal perspective, the best word to describe to you what Reiki feels like is pure, deep relaxation. My last two sessions of Reiki would literally put me into a sleep-like (but not asleep) state within 2-3 minutes of Franziska beginning the session. Almost instantly. And I would be so deeply relaxed that apparently I would snore (just a little!)

I remember being vaguely aware of her presence moving about my body. I would sometimes feel a deep vibration within my body, or a heavy sensation where I would believe her hands were (often they weren’t!) or sometimes my body would violently twitch.

In the earlier sessions Franziska remarked how difficult it was for her to locate my throat chakra – which was fascinating considering in my work (health coaching and teaching yoga) I would use my voice all the time and this was where I was feeling very vulnerable. Or there would be a very powerful throbbing sensation near my solar plexus region.As Franziska puts it “your solar plexus was pumping like a night club!”

Eventually my body would start to send clear messages to Franziska when I had enough. She would tell me that I was incredibly sensitive and open to Reiki energy and when I was done my body/energy would start to close off. This meant she knew exactly when to stop – it would sometimes be an obvious signal such as fidgeting, or my feet would get very hot or uncontrollable sighing. In that moment I would be present of my surroundings, my thoughts would kick back in and I would feel restless.

Once the session was over it’d take me a few minutes to come back into the space before I would feel chatty and energised.

My experiment with Reiki did wonders. I found myself to be be lighter, I felt floaty! Free of heavy thoughts, in better health and in better spirits generally. I felt balanced. By the final session Franziska said that each chakra felt completely balanced and healthy.

Reiki is something I will keep coming back to over and over. I don’t need it every week, but I find I need a group of sessions every few months – a little spiritual energy servicing!

My journey in surrender was challenging but mostly AMAZING. In fact, I almost long for the time to do it all again. I do not wish away my injuries for one moment because I have learnt so much but also been forced to connect in with the various layers of myself – and focus my attention away from the body, the physical. Something we don’t do often, right? It’s nice to know there is more to me than my body and what it can or can’t do.

If anyone is interested in trying Reiki, PLEASE see Franziska, she is AMAZING. (Not to mention her meditation classes at Yoga Village). You can find her through her facebook page Mind Over Matter. Shoot her a message.


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