Kundalini Rising + Soul Sistas. How the Wanderlust Yoga Festival rocked me into a happy dance.

The word wander means to roam, ramble without purpose and aimlessly meander through life and across this earth.

The funny thing is, at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Sydney (a day filled with yoga, music and connection) I felt the exact opposite of this roaming, rambling energy. In fact, I felt deeply rooted, grounded and for the first time in a long time powerfully connected.

The Wanderlust Festival featured incredible yoga classes led by just as incredible yogis. There were people bending, stretching, breathing and Omming everywhere. Smoothies, new yoga tights and raw chocolate brownies were just some of the things you could throw your cash at. However, what came completely for free and rocked my soul into a happy dance were two key experiences I want to share with you today… two experiences that I can still tap into and FEEL deep into the very bones of me, even now, almost two weeks later.

Soul Sista Connections

I had the utmost pleasure of spending this gorgeous (steaming hot day) with women I call soul-sistas. We all have sisters, plenty of them and these beloved friends of ours usually tend to ‘feed’ different elements within ourselves. And we love and value every single sister like no other. But when it comes to ‘soul-sistas’… well these are a unique breed of their own.

Soul sisters can be women you’ve never met except for via the interwebs. Or maybe these are women you’ve read about (or read their books) or women you see, only every so often. You might be the lucky enough to have a soul-sister in your own family, or someone you get to see daily, or even a childhood friend.

Soul-sisters might be new relationships, distant connections or long-held bonds; either way you know they are sisters of your soul when you feel an anchor that runs so deep and a connecting energetic channel that feels instantaneous. You aren’t quite sure how or when this bond was born, but it doesn’t matter. You feel it. They get you. You get them. Both of you bring something to each other that you didn’t even realise you needed, until they showed up. A collective sign of relief. A warm embrace. Mutual love, just because.


At Wanderlust, I felt grounded and earthed not only amongst the plenitude of like-minded souls – there is nothing like yogis en massse to make you feel like you’ve found home (at least for me!) So many women I call sisters were there – and even though I didnt get the chance to see them all, knowing they were sharing the same space  – energetically and physically – made me feel plugged in. Juiced up on love and good vibes. But the real serenade here goes to a handful of sisters. Connie, Emma, Sarah, Tara. The first three ladies I know very well and see regularly and I love them to freaking bits. Miss Tara Bliss, well this was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting her outside of the ‘online world’ and my god, I felt like I had found a kindred spirit (only in a stunning 6ft, blonde model with legs to heaven!).

I felt and still do feel, so grateful for these powerful and nourishing connections. I feel blessed that the universe has lined me up to rub shoulders with such incredible women who inspire me every single day.


I make sure I let these ladies know that I love them frequently…Our soul sisters are gifts. We are brought together for a reason. So I invite you, flick this blog post over to one (or all) of your soul sisters and let them know you love them.

Kundalini Rising – Heart cracked open.

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared with you how my work with the incredible Belinda Davidson has literally been healing my heart chakra and brewing up a feeling of ‘love’ like nothing I’ve experienced before. Well, Belinda’s magic was once again demonstrated during the Kundlini workshop at Wanderlust. Not sure what Kundalini is? Click here to read my post on this powerful yoga practice.

The incredible Katherin McCusker of KM Yoga in Sydney guided us through an equal parts exhausting, challenging and potently love-filled practice. Kundalini is a yoga practice that simply has to be experienced to understand. Using a powerful collection of kriyas, the breath and energetic practices, it works to crack you open, connect you with your true self and heal on a deep level.

Let me paint you a picture. It was the middle of the day. We were outside – a few hundred people are on their mats facing the main stage from where Katherine is guiding us. Myself, Tara, Connie and Sarah are literally on the outside edge of this huge circle. To say it was hot – the sun literally blazing down it’s bitey heat onto us – sweaty and noisy would be a serious understatement. We were practically sat in the thoroughfare for all the other yogi punters milling about, grabbing food and hopping over to other classes. So, not exactly the picture of serene calm you’d expect for a Kundalini class.

Unexpectedly I wasn’t distracted by the buzz behind me asking people to write what they were thankful for (and tie to a tree) or the conversations behind me on the benefits of raw food, or even the confused comments of passerby’s – ‘Wow, Kundalini in the sun, I’m not sure about that!’. I found it amusing. It added layers and nuances to the whole colourful scene. Random, but completely meant-to-be.

Truth be told, I’ve never experienced ‘presence’ quite like that. It wasn’t a conscious thought, at the time, but I realise now, looking back, that I had ‘managed’ the imperfections of the situation by dropping all control and expectations. I simply put my full attention onto the moment – Katherine, her instructions, Lundalini.

What bubbled up to the surface was an impulsive release. As we chanting ‘I am, I am’ with our hands carefully placed on our hearts I felt the familiar feeling of sweet, hot tears spring into my eyes.

I felt the ache of my heart as it was slowly levered open. I felt my soul rush forward towards the crack of light, now shining through the opening that was now there.

Now, I’ve been to Kundalini classes many times and experienced the ‘Kundalini Krack’ (as my instagram friends have told me) But this was different. This, I knew, was the result of the heart chakra work I had been doing. In the past I have felt a out-pouring of sadness on those ‘cracked open’ … as if my soul could feel the beginning of that opening, but there was too much emotional junk to really feel anything else.  I think this is what makes Kundalini so special – it facilitates cleansing and healing on a BIG scale.

This time, however, I simply felt love. So much love… and the only way I know how to process that love, in this human body of mine, is to cry. Love that like – falling in love with yourself, your soul, with the collective, universal spirit – is so BIG and so abundant, there is no container for it. There is no way to hold it and process it and bundle it up into a package of ‘understanding’. So I cried. I let the tears fall down as people gossiped about green smoothies behind me. I let the opening widen and let the light flood in. I let those feelings simply be felt. I surrendered into the arms of my soul. I could almost here it saying ‘hush now, we are always together’…

My god am I grateful for that. I am grateful for these rare but powerfully alive moments when I realise that all of me is so much BIGGER than what I remember. That the love within us is a shared and unified force. I am eternally grateful for fleeting moments of connection to my own soul and to the beautiful souls of those around me (thank you Tara for sharing that with me!) I’d rather those moments be fleeting than none at all.

My heart overflowed with glee on that sunny Sunday afternoon.

I want to leave you with this idea. There is no need to fix, improve or change anything, but the human bodies we inhabitant allow us to move deeper towards our truth. USE your body and use the amazing experiences available in our world to go there. Whether it’s working with your chakras, yoga, kundalini, energy work – if you want to cultivate an electrified connection with your soul get out there play, experiment and purposeful open up to your own heart and soul.



Truthfully, this post isn’t really about the Wanderlust Yoga Festival I don’t want you to read this and think ‘wow, I need to go to that festival to have experiences like that’. Nope… Wanderlust or not, these experiences come to us fortuitously.

Random synchronicity.

Purposefully spontaneous.

Meant to be, but unplanned.

Stay open to the possibility that at any moment you will download something you need, when you need it. Don’t go looking for it, but be willing to let it in, when it comes looking for you. This post is about two beautiful things that we all have available to us right now; soul sisters and like-minded connections and getting down with our own souls + speaking to our hearts.

Your turn: share below. Have you head a powerful experience recently – any moment of realisation, epiphany, transformation or soulful connection? Share below!

love + light,


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