I spend alot of time helping clients focus on their intentions, but sometimes I have to remind myself to sit down and do the same for myself.

So, I thought I’d be totally transparent and share with you where my heart is and what kind of life I want to create in 2013 and beyond. I LOVE the journey. Truly. I am so grateful for every moment because I am always learning. To me 2013 is another chance to learn, grow, absorb, experience.


*As a side note: if anyone is keen to work through goals and intentions for 2013 please get in touch – January is a fantastic time to lay down the foundations before the year is in full swing by February*

Here are my intentions for 2013. Whilst you are reading, perhaps think about your own?

  1. I intend to always put my health and well-being first. I had a few gentle (and some not-so gentle reminders) that in order to help others I have to be 100% whole, happy and balanced. After all I became a coach because I experienced the benefits of true health.
  2. I intend to be committed to a loving, open, honest relationship that allows space change and growth. To move from strength to strength in a relationship that I am eternally grateful for!  I’m getting married this year. The wedding day is special, but it’s not where my focus is at. My partner and I spend lots of time talking about what kind of life we want, what kind of family we want to create, where are energy and focus should go.
  3. I intend to grow The Wellness Project. My business is very close to my heart – I want to (in conjunction with every other amazing wellness warrior!) help spread the message that health and happiness is something we all deserve and can have.
  4. I intend to deepen my skills as a coach, a yoga teacher and a businesswoman – this is to nurture my soul and my passions but also to help The Wellness Project (the joys of working for yourself and doing something you love!)
  5. I intend to ensure that my yoga practice is always my constant, guiding light.
  6. I intend to believe in my body and its capabilities. After a few injuries this year it’s been a long journey but I’m rebuilding and I want to continue this.
  7. I intend to fuse my connection to  myself, the universe and the truth through Meditation. I can’t live without meditation, but sometimes I forget that. 2013 is about a dedicated, patient reconnection with my meditation practice.
  8. I intend to manifest amazing clients who are ready, willing and able. Many of my 2012 highlights have been my clients. I have learnt from every single one of them (THANK YOU!) and they have literally filled me with so much light and love. True inspirations.
  9. I intend to live in truth, love, peace, balance, health. Mostly, to always remember that when I move from this space, I cultivate more of it for myself, for those around, for my clients and that my life is. in turn, fuller. Richer.
  10. I intend to support and work with the health and wellness community. There are so many amazing individuals that rock my world and I see that together, as a collective we are stronger.
  11. I intend to regularly embrace switching off . To disconnect. To be more present to the living, breathing people in my life and to myself.


11 is a number that I see often. It’s a special number to me so it seems fitting that I ended there. The last intention is exactly what I’m doing now. As you read this I will be up north camping where there is no reception. 5 days of disconnecting to reconnect.

So, there you have it. My intentions, my heart’s desires. It’s out there and I am manifesting.

Have you started considering, even if it’s just a conversation in your heart, what you want going forward? To help you, perhaps reading over my recent blog on setting your new year intentions will help.

I also have some of the affirmations written in my journal that you might find helpful to you too:

I am healthy and filled with energy and I am taking the next step for my healing.

Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time.

There are people looking for exactly what I have to offer and we are being brought together by life.

The work I do on myself is not a goal it is a life-time project. A process that I choose to enjoy.

I am surrounded by love, light, support, kindness, positivity, and in turn I give this to all I meet.

I would love to hear what your intentions or favourite affirmations are? Feel free to share below.

Wishing you the lightest, brightest, love-filled 2013. I can’t wait to reconnect with you and continue sharing balance, true happiness and perfect health with you in the new year.

Saha to you,



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