I don’t really care how ‘hippie’ this sounds, but sometimes the universe really sends you clear signals and if you are open to them, they lead you to great things.

That’s how I came across Jennifer Fisher and Mr & Mrs Pose.

Earlier in the year you might recall that I volunteered at The Phoenix Weekend. Amazing, not to say the least. I had an inkling that I was supposed to go there. Mostly to mingle with like-minded people but also because it might open me up to a few new opportunities. I put that out to the universe and then I let go of my focus on… no hope, no seeking, just letting it be.

And recently, the universe responded.

Over dinner at the Phoenix Weekend I happened to sit down and share an amazing conversation with the lovely Jennifer Fisher. Of course, a fellow yogi, but mostly a beautiful soul. You know, when you just connect with someone and its not hard? That’s what it was like.

Recently, Jen contacted me to ask if I was available to teach a weekly yoga class to her team at work. As luck (or the universe!) would have it, I’d just lost a corporate teaching gig in the exact same area as her work.

What I discovered after teaching there for the first time is that Jen and her partner Murray Taylor (also a dedicated yogi!) had recently launched a online yoga clothing and accessories business called Mr & Mrs Pose that showcases a range of internal brands and quality, stylish local products for men and women.

I wanted to share this new online site with you fellow yogis because, like me, you might live in yoga clothes. You might also want to buy brands that give back. Or maybe you just need to feel confident and sometimes what’s on the outside makes a difference.

When I first started teaching I remember telling my boyfriend that I felt really insecure and didn’t feel worthy to be a teacher. He made a very simple, but profound suggestion. He told me to go out and buy a new outfit to teach in. Something that inspired me, or made me feel confident and comfortable. We both knew that I was ready to teach, but I needed something to make me feel ok being in the limelight – demonstrating, speaking, teaching, guiding. It may seem empty or fickle, but after all our body is just as important as our mind and soul.

That need to feel inspired is what led Jen and Murray to start Mr & Mrs Pose. They both live and breath yoga. Iyengar, Purna, Hatha, Ashtanga. And of course, says Jen, they are ‘endlessly intrigued by the physical and spiritual lessons of yoga”. But mostly, after travelling far and wide to experience yoga in all its diverse forms and finding yoga clothes and accessories that were just not available here,  Jen and Murray’s vision was born – “to inspire men and women to practice yoga with choice colour and beauty”.

The idea here is not what you are wearing and how you look but that if you are wearing something that inspires and motivates you then perhaps you’ll be more willing to hit the mat everyday. It worked for me. As did buying props and accessories that encouraged me to play more with yoga.

So, you might see me in class soon sporting some yummy new pieces from brands; Hanuman, EasYoga, Chakras by Didi and Abi and Joseph.

And, if you like what you see check out the website for more great products. A little gift to you from Jen and Murray – plug in this code: ClaireObeid – when ordering and you’ll receive free shipping. 


Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live


*Images copyright to David Maurice Smith Photography. Featuring Jennifer Fisher and Murray Taylor of


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