Mini Mindful Moments for your monkey mind

Experiment with these Three Mini Mindful Moments

Have you noticed how many thoughts you can have at any given time?

Sometimes I’m blown away by my minds ability to layer thought, on top of thought.

I could be thinking of Soleil, and what to make her for dinner. Simultaneously I’m considering my next client coaching session, whilst reminding myself to book my new biz launch calls into my diary. And truthfully, I’m certain there are many more layers than this.

So it’s easy to see why being present and mindful is such a challenge.

Our minds are powerhouses of energy, processes, thoughts. Our minds are divine and incomprehensibly talented super computers.

It often feels futile to even attempt to out-smart it and find mental stillness and clarity.

But we must. We must try to find that soft state of presence. We must, as often as possible – and even if it’s a fleeting millisecond moment – find a moment of peace within the mental chatter.

Why? Because those pockets of peace and quiet are a direct line to our inner truth.

Our higher voice resides in those gaps between our thoughts.

And in there we have access to our highest potential, a well-pool of creativity (hence why, just as your falling asleep you can have some of those sparky, bright ideas!), a pathway to our intuition.

Those still points in the spinning whirlpool of our minds tap us into our soul-voice. 


Mindfulness is at the core of many spiritually focused practise. The crux of buddhism, and a commonly shared anti-dote to the monkey mind. But how can we bring mindfulness into our everyday?

Today I want to share with you 3 MINI MINDFUL MOMENTS within short increments of time where you can invite mindfulness into your life and experiment playfully in that space of stillness.

Try these and comment below, letting me your experience with you. Or better still, share some of your own tried and tested ways to practice mindfulness.


1) 5 Minutes: Brush your teeth + wash your face

At the end of the day as you stand at your wash basin ready to brush your teeth and wash your face can you make a conscious choice to clear your mind and bring FULL attention to the task at hand.

  • Squeezing the toothpaste onto your toothbrush.
  • Carefully and with focus brush your teeth. Focus on the sensation, the texture, the temperature.
  • Do the same as your rinse your mouth and move onto wash your face.

Whatever is part of your ‘regime’ pay as much attention to each tiny element and detail. As your mind wonders bring yourself back to the present and feel into each moment again.

3) 15 MINUTES: Eat a meal

When you sit down to eat your meal choose to silence your phone and put away all electronic devises. If you can, choose to eat alone.

Here, bring full attention to your meal. Before you take the first mouthful gaze upon your meal. Look at the colours. Note the shapes and textures. What do you smell? How do you feel as you prepare to eat.

  • Then begin to eat.
  • One mouthful at a time, fork and spoon down between each mouthful.
  • Chew slowly. Deliberately.
  • Notice with your FULL body the tastes, textures, aromas.
  • Pay attention to the environment you are in.
  • Notice your posture as you eat and how your body responds.
  • Slow down between each mouthful. PAUSE.

Eat as if there was no time. Eat as if this was your last meal.

3) 30 MINUTES: Go for a walk

Again, alone if you can. Head out for a walk. No phone, no music. Just you, the fresh air, sunshine. Be in mother nature… head to a park, or to the water’s edge. Wherever you can that connects you to the divine mother.

  • Walk slowly. Carefully.
  • Zone your attention into what you hear first – close by and then further afield
  • Slowly move your attention to your body. Your feet, take one step at a time. The way your arms gently swap.
  • Breathe. Deeply. Where do you feel that breath in your body?
  • How does the air feel as it fills your lungs?
  • How do you feel as you walk, consciously?
  • Notice your surroundings. Are there animals? Birds? Children playing?

Try not to follow thought patterns and create stories, but notice something and move on. Note and move on.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool that, when practised within your daily life, will invite in a deeper sense of presence, calm and inner stillness.

If you don’t always have the time to sit down and do a dedicated, seated meditation learning to invite in moments of mindfulness will transform you from being captive to your mind and inner chatter, to being empowered to choose what you wish to think and when.

Your mind doesn’t have to rule you. In fact, your are in charge and can run the show.

Here’s to a day ahead of presence and peace.

Love + light,

Claire x


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