Claire Obeid is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher but moreso she is a long-time student of these two powerful practices.

Sharing Meditation in particular is a passion of Claire’s. Knowing of the deep changes that an individual will experience in mind, body and soul from the simple practice of cultivating stillness, Claire aims to make meditation easy and accessible for all. Her collection of meditation offerings – digital download albums and an online membership site for Mamas – will satisfy everything from deep rest, healing, quietening the nervous system and aligning to the divine within us all.

Om Mama Love

12 beautifully supportive, delicious meditations that will carry you through your motherhood experience – inviting in more presence, clearing beliefs, supporting you to rest, relax and let go. 

Meditation, mindfulness and self-love so you can be Mama Zen!


Beginnings and Endings – Guided Meditations for the change of year

A mini album of 4 guided meditations to support you as the year closes off and a new one opens up. Only $12.

Download zip file (must be unzipped and synced first to your devices)

  1. Relax into breath, soften into presence
  2. Let go, Let God, Let Love,
  3. Slow down and Steady
  4. Manifestation Magic


Reveal Your Inner Radiance

Mini meditations to makeover your mind, body & soul.

The Reveal Your Inner Radiance (mini) meditation series is available in three 7-day packages. Each mini-meditation series comes complete with a daily guided meditation, downloadable journaling guide + soulful commentary to support you on your journey to radiance.


Meditation Album

Dive into stillness, gain clarity and cultivate connection with these 11 guided meditations from Claire. Short meditations to fit into your busy life yet deep enough to tap into that space of serenity that you crave.