I have something I want to tell you. Now this might seem a little ‘geeky’ to some, but to me, what I’m about to share, is actually a huge indication of how far I’ve come with my meditation practice.

I rise everyday at 5:20am. Around 3am I tend to stir awake with the same thought:

“I can’t wait till it’s time to meditate”

After 3+ years of daily, dedicated meditation (with a few hiccups along the way) I am in a place where meditation IS my life-blood. Just as water, air and sunshine is.

Stillness. Clarity. Connection.

I have spoken about meditation SO many times on this blog. When it comes to wellness – living a balanced, perfectly healthy and truly happy life – meditation is by far the number one prescribed tool. All my clients know this. In fact, anyone that will lend me their ears knows it too.

So I wanted to share part of my beloved meditation practice with you.

In today’s VLOG I invite you to learn a gorgeous, simple and powerful practice known as Mindfulness Meditation.

  • I share with you my own daily routine
  • Talk you through how I practice mindfulness
  • Explain how you can bring this practice into your life
  • I highlight how mindfulness is all about being present



I also mention my new offering, launching next Monday 3rd of March: The 21 Day Meditation Project



Yes, FREE. I have to say I felt a really, really strong calling to offer this to you for absolute nothing. It’s big, it’s bountiful and it’s seriously going to rock your world!

At the time of writing this blog post I’ve had over 800 amazing souls jump on board and sign-up to this project. How incredible is that! I can’t believe all these beautiful people are committed to opening to stillness, clarity and connection.

I know that we can raise the roof with some seriously high vibrations through such an incredible collective of meditators – imagine, all those people meditating on the same day? That really lights me up! I hope it does too and you’ll join us.

In the VLOG I give you some exciting information about what’s included in The 21 Day Meditation Project.

Please feel free to share this FREE Meditation Project as far and wide as you can. Bring it on!


YOUR TURN: After watching the video finish this sentence below in the comments:

“I believe in the power of meditation because…”

love + light,

Claire x



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