Manifesting in the new year + Get your roadmap to happy

Manifesting is the buzz word at the moment, isn’t it? It’s the latest craze and personally, I’m all for it. Why the hell not – I mean, the word is empowering, it’s about creation, isn’t it? And why shouldn’t we be creating the life that we want?

To me, manifesting is about bringing something (experience, person, attitude, situation) to the forefront – shining a light on your dreams, amplifying your desires and getting shiny-diamond clear. I say ‘forefront’ because what you truly desire, that is for your own growth, already exists… it’s just hanging out in the shadows, waiting to be called forth. It can only be called forth through you – your WILL. Nothing will ever happen without your permission.

Manifesting is about realising that within you is the ultimate resource (your own vibrational energy) for attracting what you wan, as soon as you are ready, willing and able.

This time of year with intentions and soulful goals flying around, the energy is almost electrified. Most of the yoga classes I am teaching at the moment are packed – a roomful of yogis with hopeful dreams of bendy asana, quiet minds and devoted practice. The point is, this time of year is the right time to really tap into the power of manifestation. It’s not rocket science, but it does take focused awareness and loving attention.

In today’s VLOG I guide you through manifestation.

A few things I’d like to highlight for you:

  • I share with you what I used to think about manifesting
  • I talk about the energy within us and how this is integral to getting what we want
  • I talk through why (real) manifesting has to be in alignment with your truth, not your surface level desires.
  • I talk about how you already have what you want + how lack perpetuates lack
  • I share a personal example of how I am harnessing the power of manifestation right now
  • I offer up some simple examples of how to manifest

When you’ve finished watching the vlog I’d love to hear how YOU manifest or how you are planning on creating + attracting what your soul desires this year? Share below in the comments!


So, you want to manifest a beautiful life? Let me ask you this…do you have your roadmap to happy?

How will you navigate towards joy and balance in Mind-Body-Soul?
Do you feel equipped to map out your pathway to a year of joy, balance, happiness, success?
Do you have the tools you need?
Are you ready to take the inspired action to create happiness?


This year I am doing something new and oh-so juicy and special. Starting early February, I’ll be holding circle in an intimate group coaching program:

Your Roadmap to Happy: 10 Week Online Group Immersion into your Mind-Body-Soul

I want to work with YOU, specifically on arming you up with the right tools and knowledge to create your ROADMAP TO HAPPINESS – in Mind, Body and Soul.

Manifesting your life of HAPPY begins with immersion – diving in to you, learning the right tools and practices and leaning into the right kind of support.

This potent, immersive, empowering group program includes:


Click HERE to find out more and join us!

p.s places are strictly limited so get in quick!

Hope you can join us!

Happy Manifesting and happy new year!

Claire x














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