How to live in delight, strength, and power

I’m here to share a few little lessons from my little – Soleil – my guru. Recently she’s been showing me how to live in a state of DELIGHT, how to tap into my STRENGTH and how to stay in my personal POWER. And my god has it added a much needed rosy hue to my view of the world.

Let me take a step back here first and talk about the Chakras. Because, what is really going on here with Soleil is a pure harnessing of the true essence of our energy anatomy. In particular Chakra Two and Chakra three.

If you didn’t know already, I’m a faithful disciple of YOGA, ENERGY ANATOMY and our CHAKRA SYSTEM. With that I’m also an avid disciple and dedicated student of Belinda Davidson – THE guru on all things Chakra-like and the founder and director of The School of The Modern Mystic. This is the woman who teaches us how to clean up our energy and find our soul purpose.

You can read up on (and I invite you to, if you aren’t up-to-scratch) the chakras here, and here.

So, seeing as I’m clearly a poster gal for chakras (kidding!) you can imagine how much I loved and devoured this incredible book – The Child Within the Lotus – which details a babies growth and development based on the opening and strengthening of their chakra system, one chakra at a time.

The Chakras:

For example, the Base or First Chakra, which relates to grounding, earthing, the physical body, survival and stability (amongst other things) is apparently the first chakra to strengthen and open within the first 100 days of a babies life. So we are talking a little over 3 months. And when referencing Soleil’s first 3 months earthside, well it was so obvious she was trying to ‘ground’ and strengthen her base chakra. It took her that long, if not longer, to actually land here. Despite being super-alert and very switched on, she struggled to feel settled, happy and comfortable out of the womb. This was one big-bad-ass scary world to her and she let me know how very pissed she was about it (read: unsettled, cranky-pants, shitty sleeping, slightly psycho baby. AKA ‘good-times’).

Now, at 7 months.. she is just starting to move into her third ‘100’ days on earth. Which marks her development of the third chakra. And I’ve just spent the last 100 days witnessing her development of the Sacral or Second Chakra during the second ‘100’ days on earth.

So, I’m not really fussed as to whether, what this book says, is actually true – i.e the development of the Chakras based on roughly 3 month time-frames. But, I’m mostly keen to explore how Soleil adjusts to and comprehends her world as each chakra strengthens and opens. And in turn, what it’s actually doing is teaching me how to live more in tune with the vibration and essence of these energy centres, by learning from her example.

And why would I (and you!) want to do this? Well, it means a life that flows, that is in sync.

It means YOU are in the flow, in sync. Living with open, beautifully humming chakras and personifying their essence means your life hums along just as beautifully.

So let me break this down for you. (Note: whether you have children or not, these insights below are totally applicable to you at ANY stage of your life).

Chakra Two or the Sacral Chakra is the energy of pleasure, delight, fun, enjoyment, adventure, exploration.

And over the last 3 months I’ve witnessed how a baby with no social constructs, ideas, or limitations bring this energy to life.

There is wild giggling at the mere flick of my hair. Or a flock of birds flying by.

There is a deep satisfaction with sucking on her own hands. Or a leather wallet. Or a plastic wrapper.

There’s the sheer pleasure of eating new foods. Particularly the way she tears up a mango cheek. It’s literally all over her face, dripping down her neck and squished between her fingers. Yet she’s not annoyed or irritating, she’s literally ‘mmmm’-ing with pleasure!

[Check out this video on my instagram feed – Soleil eating a mango cheek!]

On our daily walks (in the carrier) she grumbles and giggles and coos at all she sees. She nudges me towards trees and flowers which we touch and smell and gaze at together. Oh and eat – everything goes in her mouth too, of course.

There’s the realisation that there is ALWAYS more to explore.

I have an early mover – Soleil started commando crawling at 5 months, and now at 7months she’s not only properly crawling but pulling herself up to standing, kneeling and climbing. With that movement she’s literally on the go –  crawling under chairs, under tables, lifting up rugs, bouncing on chairs, banging on doors. As I watch her little eyes scan and flick about the room I can almost HEAR the excitement inside her little mind as she tries to figure out where she should go/see/touch/do next.

Baby Shower Backdrops

Chakra Three or Solar Plexus Chakra is all about power, will, determination, holding your own, knowing your self worth, self esteem and confidence. It’s also your gatekeeper, or bodyguard.

Gosh, if anyone could fly the flag for the Solar Plexus it’d definitely be my babe. She is the most determined, focused little pocket rocket. She literally LUNGES at things she wants.

She locks eyes on something and expects me to see it, get it and satisfy her desire. And if I don’t, no problem, she’ll get it herself. She has absolutely NO qualms in engaging with other people and crawling up to a stranger, saying hi (with a slightly rough slap!)

Soleil is not shy and is quite social, but her internal bodyguard kicks it when something isn’t right – she protects herself accordingly. Her inner guidance system will flag a situation/person that she needs to be wary of.

She is a fighter… I’ve seen placid, gentle babies (and sometimes I wish I had one), but Soleil is NOT one of these. Her connection to her sense of power is BIG and BOLD. Yes, this will take refining over the years, but she is not afraid to say no and to do what she feels is right for her. There is drive there.

There is self-confidence and empowerment that is so raw and pure. It’s actually inspiring to witness.

After (barely) refining her crawling technique she quickly moved onto kneeling, climbing, standing (and lots of yoga poses thrown in for good measure). All babies have a sense of wild abandon that is so awesome to witness. Soleil is much the same. I don’t see her fret or fear… so boisterously and boldly takes that next step and throws herself in the deep end. She knows that the only way forward (literally and figuratively) is try, and try again. Yet at the same time she is respectful of her boundaries too – surprisingly she isn’t reckless. Motivated? Yes. Willing? Yep. Eager? Definitely. But risky? No… she marries patience with persistence; something I know is incredibly hard to do.

How can these lessons guide you forward?

It’s all well and good to be a witness to a child’s development, or even a peer or colleague who is inspiring you right now. But the real question is, can you take what you are seeing and apply it to yourself and your own life?

Soleil’s development has raised alot of questions for me. Some of which may actually be a great guide for you:

  • How often do I delight in the abundance of little yet special things in my life/world?
  • Do I know how to feel joy and gratitude for small pleasures.
  • Do I open my eyes and really see my world and the people in it? Can I do so with fresh eyes and really soak it in?
  • What do I find pleasing? Do I invite that into my world?
  • What is my own brand of strength?
  • What does self-confidence look like on me?
  • How can I harness my personal power on a daily basis?
  • Can I lovingly ask for and get what I want?
  • Do I know how to say NO when it’s appropriate to?
  • Where am I holding back? Can I channel my inner motivator and drive?
  • Is it possible to move forward with abandon, fearlessly?
Take a deep breath. Let your mind clear. Sink into these questions.

I invite you, like I am, to sit with these questions. Ponder on them. If there is a child in your life, maybe take some time to witness how they live in a state of delight, strength and personal power. Or, perhaps look to someone in your life who embodies these qualities so effortlessly.

Better still, can you reference your own INNER CHILD. The bub you once were, and that still, energetically resides within you. Can you get a snapshot of you in a state of delight, empowered and strong and then channel this back into your life today as the incredible, ever-evolving adult that you are.

The more we tap into the energy of delight, strength and power – the strong our Chakra Two + Three will become. And we really want these two chakras to be rocking, because these are so vital to our happiness here on earth as the souls that we are having our very human experience.


Now, I’d love, love, LOVE to read any insights you’ve had through anyone (child or otherwise) in your life. Can you share below what you’ve learnt so we can all continue to learn from each other.

love + light,

Claire xx


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