LIGHT UP YOUR INTENTIONS (and no one else’s!) FOR 2014

There is so much focus on what we desire, want to create and intend at this time of year that sometimes we can get feel a little suffocated by it all. That ‘I-must-get-it-right’ attitude when it comes to our intentions and resolutions means that often we (unconsciously) appropriate other people’s soulful goals, instead of really tapping into what’s true for us.

Last week, on my last day in Jervis Bay (South Coast, NSW where we holidayed for a week), I spent some time journaling and heart-storming on 2014.

As I was tapping into my ‘goals with soul’ and my heart’s truest desires, I found myself pondering on whether my intentions and goals were being filtered and refined through ME (and no one else) > my higher self, my divine soul, my truth.

We are so eager to make each year bigger, bolder and brighter that, without realising it, we find ourselves absorbing intentions that might be better suited to someone else (or come from someone else – the media, celebrities, things we’ve read, people we admire, culture). Tapping into what we desire is about where we are personally at in our life – it’s got nothing to do with anyone else.

What I did next changed everything… I asked myself ONE simple question that flipped this self-exploratory process on its head and reframed the whole experience for me. So I decided to share it with you in a VLOG.

CLICK PLAY TO WATCH > It’s a 3 minute video where I share this super simple, yet powerful exercise to really get you think about what intentions, soulful goals, dreams and desires are hitting it on the nail for YOU and only you.

p.s I apologise for how dark this video is – there weren’t many places I could set-up to film in our holiday house.


YOUR TURN: Ask yourself the question I presented in the video, and comment below. Share with me your insights!

love + light,

Claire x


4 Comments to “LIGHT UP YOUR INTENTIONS (and no one else’s!) FOR 2014”

  1. Hi Claire, happy new year to you! You look beautiful, fresh faced and uber relaxed 🙂 I loved hearing your vlog (although I have to say that I find all your vlogs very softly spoken, which relaxing except that I miss most of what you are saying, even though I’ve adjusted my volume, etc.) is that maybe something you can look into? I haven’t had this problem elsewhere, so I just wanted to mention it to you. Anyways, back to what 2014 is not about…I tried this, and came up with a few big ones for me, namely debt, fear, shyness, etc. but when I think about the possibility of moving forward in life, my chest (quite literally around my heart) starts to get tight and my breathing becomes shallow. I get butterflies in my tummy too………….I’m only just starting out on my personal wellness journey, but don’t know if it’s normal to feel this way. I really feel like I don’t deserve any good and that I am subconsciously blocking it. I’d love to know if anyone else feels like this also?

    Thanks ever so Claire, keep up the gorgeous work.


    • Hi Melanie, thanks so much for the feedback. (Yep, I was SOOO relaxed – maybe I was talking a little too softly… will start hollering much louder from now on! hehe).

      How powerful – the stuff that came up for youhas obviously got a little grip on you. Yep, it is normal to have such a strong physical reaction. It’s scary to move forward and change. I think I might create a little Vlog on this for you and everyone else – I get asked this question alot! Stay tuned. xx

      • Thanks ever so Claire, that would be really awesome to see a Vlog on this, I am relieved already to know I’m not the only one who asks this question! Can I also ask, I don’t need help with health stuff, but my own personal ‘journey/destination’ I guess is where I am feeling really stuck in life. Do you coach people with this sort of thing? Thank you, Melanie x

        • Hi Melanie.

          It is comforting to know you aren’t alone. Trust me, you aren’t.

          And yes, I do alot of work on personal development/self-enquiry/spirituality – it’s my passion work!

          Shoot me an email: [email protected] if you’d like more info and to chat further.

          Would love to support you.

          Love + light,

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