Put your hand up if someone you love and really care about has hurt you?

Leave your hand up if you believe that despite the hurt and pain they inflicted on you, that you know innately that they are good and that maybe what they did came from their own s*$# bubbling up to the surface?

I’ve been there, many times. In fact, I’ve been there so many times that for a while I was a little confused as to what love was if the people closest to me could inflict so much hurt. I was young then, I see things differently now.

Each and every single moment where I have been challenged by someone else’s mean, hurtful behaviour I have learnt two things:

1) My reaction and judgement in response to that hurtful moment is integral to how the ‘story’ plays out.

It is integral in turning a crappy moment into a moment of truth, insight and deep learning!

2) We are all spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. Some of us, in moments of anger, forget that. That doesn’t mean that person is ‘horrible’, ‘evil’ or even ‘down right bad to the core.

They’ve just forgotten who they are and sometimes, our job is to help them remember their truth.

In today’s VLOG I explore the ancient concept of compassion as on of the most powerful practices we can partake in. ‘Kill it with Kindness’ is a phrase born from teachings in the Bible, from Buddha and ancient yogi texts.

Click PLAY on the video to hear my discussion around how compassion, in the face of hurtful behaviour, can often bring about real change and healing for you and the person involved.

Kindness is free. It’s the epitome of strength (it’s harder to be kind and compassionate than angry and reactionary!). Kindness doesn’t always ‘work’ in the sense that the situation you’re in will change isntantly, but over time you might change that person, you might spread compassion far and wide. And, at the very least, YOU experience and hold positive, kind feelings in your heart instead of carrying negative, soul-destroying ones.

I know what I’d prefer!

This video will have you thinking about where in your life your current negative/frustrated/angry reactions are actually perpetuating the situation you want out of!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Share below in the comments and let me know where in your life you need to move from kindness to kill the negative burden or experience weighing you down.

love + light




  1. Hi Claire, I always tell my children that everyone has that little bright spark within them (divine spirit) however some people we just need to try abit harder with to bring that spark out. Thanks for your post

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