I have a little present for you! A mid-week surrender pressie..

I’ve decided to share one of the exclusive bonuses included in my new ebook – Get out of your way: 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet.

Within the book I mention movement as an integral part to learning how to let go and surrender.

As a gift to you I’d like to open up this BONUS 20 minute yoga sequence to all of you!

This is a beautiful, flowy, juicy sequence. It’s the perfect time and the perfect way to start the day or when you just feel you need to get out of your head!

This sequence is not about the postures and making them ‘look good’ but rather dropping  into your body, stepping out of that overpowering thinking space and into a more playful state.

Have fun with it and enjoy the flow.

Surrender Sequence from Claire Obeid on Vimeo.

My ebook is all about the FLOW. It’s an insightful, intuitive journey into the art of surrender – the most profound way we can open up to our best lives yet and allow that beautiful, effortless energy to be part of our daily lives.

The other day I was with a client who mentioned that she was really struggling to set her intentions (the first step in our work together). She read my ebook and spent some time outside, after which her intentions flowed so easy and effortlessly. I LOVED hearing that… it’s exactly what I wanted to incite. Ease. Flow. Surrender. Softness.

If you want some of that then head over HERE to check it out and get yourself a copy!

Here’s what a few people have been saying about the ebook:

Your book is great, very heartfelt and real, sharing your life with strangers is a brave move. I have enjoyed reading it first quickly and now to take it slower and with time on my side.

Maddi Lock


Beautiful Claire, thank you so much for sharing your story. It was truly beautiful and inspiring to read your journey into wellness and surrender. Congratulations lovely.. you should be so very proud of yourself, I loved every piece of your e-book.. the pictures, quotes, artworks – all of it!

Natalie Leahy


Sweet Claire, I have just finished your book. LOVED IT!!! I really think Surrender needs to be my word for the rest of this year!!! I have, over the last few months, been given so many signs to surrender, and ignored them. Your words and your story have helped me see how to incorporate all those ‘tools’ into my life. Thank you again, I’m sure I will be revisiting this many times over the coming weeks.

Brandi Myers


I read the entire thing over a pot of tea yesterday! So beautiful… The exercises were amazing xx Thank you for writing such an honest book about letting go. We all need a little more of that in our lives.

Krys Hansen


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Love + light to you,



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