I’ve been receiving so many amazing emails from those who have bought my new ebook. I love reading every single one of them – people sharing their stories of surrender, sharing their own AHA moments. It’s so inspiring. Letting GO is something we’ve all been crying out for.

I’m also receiving alot of comments around how BRAVE I was to share so much of my story. It’s interesting, I never once considered it to be brave, or even thought it through (writing my story) … It just felt natural to share where I have been and the journey of surrender I am still on.

Why? Because I know I’m not alone in this… Sharing my story had nothing to do with bravery, but it was necessary for my own healing and for the healing of others. I felt that my personal journey could hopefully help even ONE person have an AHA moment. In my book – Get out of you way: 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet! – I share 7 pivotal moments where surrender (either forced or welcomed) came to me. There are so many other elements to ‘my story’ I didn’t share, but that’s just it, I see them as a ‘story’… not who I am! I don’t identify myself through those stories, but I see them as experiences that lead me towards greater awareness and understanding. Situations that I manifest for myself in order to experience and learn something vital to me.

The past has no power

As I was writing this blog post I received Danielle LaPorte’s newsletter where she spoke about burning 20 years worth of her journals.

It really struck a chord with me, particularly this sentence: “I love deep and I’m very ritualistic, but I’m not very nostalgic.”

I feel the exact same way. I live by ritual, routine, love, joy, feeling, truth… at least I try to, every single day.  I am not one to cling to past memories, mementos, nostalgia. My husband and I barely celebrate anniversaries. We acknowledge them, maybe go to dinner (it’s a good excuse to dine out) but we, as a collective, place more significance on the love we feel NOW, then what happened in the past.

Don’t get me wrong, the past is relevant to a degree, there is alot we can learn from it – such rich territory. However, as many of my clients would’ve heard me say countless times – I’m not one to dwell in the past, and I encourage them to do the same. It is what it is (or was, rather) and I don’t feel that being weighed down by the past is conducive to joy, love, experience, fulfillment in this moment.

I see holding on to the past, having attachment to it, having an emotional charge to it as unproductive, a little obsessive, and mis-guided. It is not WHO I am.

Unidentify with the past

Part of sharing ‘my story’ in my book was a personal cathartic process for me. In every single moment of our lives we are absorbing energy. The energy of positive and negatively charged experiences, conversations, interactions… you get the idea. We are ‘programming’ and rebooting our system in every tiny moment. So even when we think we’ve ‘cleared’ something on the conscious level, often the past has found a place to hide its belief system, ideas, impressions and scars on the sub conscious level.

I believe that those experiences have been cleared on a conscious level, but subconsciously? I doubt it! How could they be, 7 profound and pivotal moments that happened within the last 10 years – that’s not that long ago. It’s difficult to NOT identify with them. As I wrote each experience down, witnessing the black words appear on white screen, I felt a little part of me (the real me, my true essence!) disconnect and unidentify with those moments. Yes, I will always remember them and yes, I’m grateful for them, but I no longer need to hold onto them. They’ve served a purpose and now they are meaningless.

Can you unattach… Loosen your grip…Take your power back from the past?

This isn’t something you can ‘pretend’ to do. You know, be really flippant and self-deprecating around your past experiences and how they make you feel. And in fact, if you DO try and fake this, you are only going to push that ‘thing’ you are trying to release further and deeper within you. Not the desired outcome. If you feel, as you are reading this post that you are ready to let it all go, then the process has already begun for you. Your past will become just a ‘story’ that you retell with no charge (positive or negative!) to it. It is what it is.

I’d love to hear from you now: Is the past taking up alot of limelight? Even if, at first, you don’t realise it?

For those of you wanting to go deeper here my ebook can help you. Head over here to get yourself a copy.

love + light,




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