It’s time to master your inner mean girl

Your mean girl, as my beautiful friend Melissa Ambrosini calls it, is your inner critic.

Your ego. That ‘voice’ that so often tears your down, judges you, nit-picks and sends you into a spin of ‘not good enoughs’.

Well, this same gorgeous friend has written her first book – Mastering Your Mean Girl – for all us women who, unfortunately, live under the thumb of that inner voice. And Melissa is here to share with you just how to find a way back into the driver seat of your life – instead of your mean girl taking control.

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Mel and I had a chat last week on all things ‘Mean Girl’ which we recorded for you!

In this chat we share:

  • How Mel came to understand and learn to master her own mean girl.
  • Mel’s three main tips to start mastering your mean girl today!
  • Our own personal and vulnerable examples of how our inner ego-voice showed up to (try) and tear us down.
  • How to work with your mean girl, instead of fight against it.
  • And soo much more!

I’m so thrilled to share with you our enlightening conversation and of course to introduce you to Mel’s new book. Mel is a bright light! And the message she is sharing will shine down into the darkness bringing clarity and insight. It might be a new message to you, or a familiar one, but either way I know her story and reflections will bring you what you need.


(right click to download and save – listen to us on your walk or on the way to work!)

Love + Light,



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