I can’t believe I did it. I wrote my first eBook and here it is, ready for you!

When I think back to my childhood I always loved to read. It taught me how to imagine, how to be free, how to explore words and their power. It taught me so much.

My passion for reading birthed a secret desire to write a book, one day.

It was a secret dream that I filed away into the ‘someday when I’m old and grey’ pile. I guess I never really believed that it would be possible. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, little dreamers like me can take their wishes and make them a reality… all on their own.

Let me introduce you to My NEW eBook:

Get out of your way: 17 ways to surrender for your best life yet

This little gem has been bubbling away in my mind since last August! It evolved a few times until I finally settled on what you now see. Surrender is an incredibly personal journey to me, and I know so many of you are going to resonate with it too.

This eBook is for each and every soul out there who has ever desired a more balanced, healthy and happy life. If you’ve felt stuck, limited or lost, unable to find yourself or blossom into the person you know you deserve to be. This is for you!

Here’s a little excerpt from the book.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 8.46.11 AM

Does that sound like something you need? If you are nodding your head YES, I hear you!

If you want to head straight to the ebook page click HERE.


The wisdom and kindness that radiates from Claire’s blog has been a constant source of support for me on my own personal wellness journey – and now, Claire has taken things a step further with her lovingly crafted, and equally insightful, eBook. Get out of your way is for anyone who is sick of forcing their way through work, relationships and health, and knows there has to be a gentler – and ultimately – a more successful way of navigating life’s turns with grace and ease. Beautifully personal, action-focused and totally grounded in the reality of modern life, Claire’s book is full of practical tips and tools to create – and enjoy – the incredible life that’s waiting to unfold for you.

Kacey Crawford | Multi-passionate career + life coach |


If you are ready to surrender, then this eBook is for you. It’s a set of tools to help you explore the beauty and joy of letting go and opening up to your life. But this is more than just a book. It’s so much more. It’s a lifestyle review, a deeply personal check-in with yourself and a chance to really own your life in the way you’ve always dreamed.

What do you get? The introductory price is $17.50 and for that you receive:

  • My 80 page ebook including 17 suggestions on how to live your best life yet.
  • Suggested tasks, questions and activities to move deeper into the journey
  • You also receive 5 DOWNLOADABLE BONUSES: (yours to keep!)
  1. The Wellness Project ‘Foodie Shopping List’
  2. A ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ check-list
  3. A ‘New Day Diary’  – including gratitude, affirmation and priorities section
  4. A 20 minute at-home Surrender Yoga Sequence
  5. A 10 minute guided Mindful Meditation track

Click HERE to find out more or just click the button below to buy.

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I’m so excited I can’t stop smiling! Thrilled to hear your thoughts and have you on this journey of surrender with me.

love + light,



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