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Screenshot 2013-12-13 08.27.47My new e-guide came to me in the exact way I’ve been asking to live my life.

In-the-flow. Blessed with a pure moment of creative wisdom. Effortless. Freedom-inducing. Connected to something outside of me. Channeled. Inspired. Fearless. Stirred. Soul-centred. Spirit-filled.

I’ve yearned for the experience of divine inspiration, channeling insight and wisdom and creation born from connection.
This has been something I have asked for, out loud and from the heart, more than once this year. Looking back I can see now that this has been the main intention for 2013… and that has been to experience life more from within the ‘flow’ of life.


I am naturally a ‘heady’ person… yes, quite spiritually minded too and able to tap into my own inner wisdom. But the ‘thinker’ within me often overrides. Over the years this has started to shift. And this year, in particular, I specifically asked for my wisdom and intuition to lead the way… and it did, in a big way.

It was a little over three week’s ago that I had this incredible a-ha moment. Chatting on email to the beautiful Rachel from In Spaces Between, we were checking in – saying hey, sending love – when she mentioned she was headed off soon on an 8-day mini retreat to write her ecourse. I was intrigued, having recently been on my own mini-retreat in Byron Bay, and her words were tugging at me, in a way I didn’t quite get. So I let it be.

That night a dream came to me – in that dream this very e-guide ‘INSPIRED’ was born. Which is why I’m jumping out of my skin to share this baby with you. I can’t wait for you to get your hot little hands on this and devour  Inspiration, Dreams + Visions with a huge side-serving of clarity…


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What is INSPIRED about?

This is the ultimate guide for your own DIY soul-centred retreat. A chance to step-away from the busy-ness of life and get shiny-diamond clear on your intentions dreams and visions.

Perfect for this time of year. It was meant to be born NOW to guide you through the Christmas/New Year phase.


INSPIRED is a juicy ‘how-to’ – a mash up of self-care + self-love, precious tips to create your own mini-retreat and illuminating exercises to ignite your passion and inspiration.

It is your golden ticket to distil your dreams + get shiny-diamond clear on your visions for the year ahead.


Tapping into your truth, your soul-speak, your intuition… this is not so easy when we can’t hear it amongst the to-do lists, the exhaustive schedules and the endless tasks that buzz at us like white noise.

Distilling your dreams + clarifying your visions takes a hell of a lot more than just crossing your fingers (and toes?!) hoping for divine inspiration to ‘choose you’ that day and grace you with crystal clear clarity.

To takes love, nurturing, passion, contemplation, meditation, willingness.

But most importantly, it takes space.

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Why did I create INSPIRED?

Besides the fact that I truly had no choice – I completely felt and experienced this ebook come to life through me for YOU – when I look at my own life, it’s clear why this idea came to me.

Whenever I feel stuck, blocked by my own workload, beliefs or limited by my energy levels I know that is a sure sign I need to back away, slowly and step into a completely different space – mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically. I’ve learnt over the years that, in those moments #surrender is the only way forward.

I have to let go of control and all my expectations whilst handing the reins over to a higher power. For me, that connection is electrified when I create space, change-it-up (scenery, setting, space, practice, routine) and throw my heart open to receive.


I often ‘remove’ myself from the space in which I usual habitat – my home/office, my city, even being in the same company. For years I have retreated, or packed up my books and studied/worked outside. It’s what I do. I create a new set of rituals, I practice self-love, I open up to a new energy…. it works for me.

I know it’ll work for you.


Here’s how it works:

INSPIRED is an interactive guide that requires your heartfelt participation.

This is not just a guide to read, contemplate and shelve – it craves your presence, commitment and willingness. It’s also asks for a gentle, compassionate touch, too. Handle with care.

The workbook is split up into 3-days – one for each day of your soul-fueled retreat.

  1. Unwind + Rebalance
  2. Connect + Dream
  3. Distil + Clarify

This ebook will support and guide you through you’re journey, over 3 days. Whether you choose to take yourself away, create a DIY retreat at-home or share this experience with a group of like-minded friends, it doesn’t matter. Simply creating and holding space for yourself will be powerful and profoundly transformative.

What’s included?

This is an interactive and beautifully FULL experience. Not only do you get the 3-day Retreat Guide + instructions on how to create your sacred space you also receive:

  • 3 x daily chakra meditations
  • 3 x EFT tapping scripts
  • 1 x EFT Video Tutorial
  • 1 x Breathing Exercises Video Tutorial
  • Daily journaling exercises to support the exploration into your dreams + visions
  • BONUS gratitude journal
  • + so much more!

When will it be yours?

Soon – It’s coming VERY soon! It’ll be in your hot little hands before Xmas – the perfect companion for those lazy summer holidays we’ve all got up our sleeve. Or maybe this is meant for a gift for someone? Even better, maybe the INSPIRED experience is meant for you to share with friends – get together, retreat for a few days, dream big, get clarity!


Be the first to hear when INSPIRED is ready to buy –  jump on my list to hear from me as SOON as INSPIRED is good to go!

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I can’t WAIT to share this with you.

Claire x


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  • Get your FREE ebook: 21 Days to Free Your Mind, Fuel Your Body & Feed Your Soul