Yaz and I go way back. Back to my days in Fashion PR. Yep, a whole other world. But, we’ve always crossed paths, even now as a health coach and yoga teacher I see Yaz just as much, if not more. When I was in beauty PR I rubbed shoulders with Yas, who you might know as one of THE  beauty gurus out there! But she’s also all about health and happiness too.

Mrs Trollope is a freelance beauty editor currently writing for Good Health Magazine, and a regular on Channel 9’s Mornings. She is also the proud creator of The Happiness Cocktail – a blog about finding goodness in the concoctions of life.

She is one inspiring lady who LITERALLY glows from the inside out – seriously, it’s amazing how this woman shines and she knows all about it as you’ll discover below. I’m pleased to introduce Yasemin Trollope and her wee little piece about glowing from the inside!

Get Your Glow On: Three Ways To Beam From Within

I’ll admit it. When Claire asked me to guest blog on her site I was stuck for inspiration. Strange, considering I do this for a living; write about beauty, health, wellbeing and happiness. But when it came to providing her well-informed, incredibly important clients and readers with something new, fresh and absolutely-need-to-know, I got stumped. Crazy isn’t it?

Your mind is a powerful beast that sometimes likes to take control and throw your off course without any notice. Like a horse, who allows you to take the reigns and gently guide them through the forest, until they remember they have the control to run, buck or kick their way to freedom and do so with reckless abandon, leaving you scratching your head wondering how that happened.

So what does all this have to do with glowing skin?

Well, my life is spent deciphering the Balance Code. The secret to a healthy balance of inner and outer beauty. Beauty, traditionally speaking is often only viewed from the outside. It’s purely physical. But what I’m working towards is that inner glow. That inner beam of true health, wellbeing and happiness that has less to do with Angelina Jolie-esque looks and more to do with feeding your soul the stuff it needs to look (and feel) the best it can.

As a result, I’ve come across many should-try foods, supplements, minerals and vitamins that not only help your insides, but your outsides too. I believe that if you want gorgeously glowing, happy skin, you need to have happy insides. You need to your nourish your system with wholefoods, lots of antioxidants and fresh leafy greens as well as nurturing daily practices that help clean your mind, build your confidence and make you radiate from within. Here, three easy ways to get your glow on.

1. Up Your Antioxidants!

I’m pretty sure you all know that your skin is your largest organ. We’re told drinking too much alcohol can damage our liver, or that not enough exercise clogs our arteries and hurts our heart, but what about the effect food has on our skin – our largest organ of all? Well, we’re told bits and pieces, but nothing concrete, simple and easy to digest.

Let’s get straight to the point – antioxidants are crucial in the quest for glowing skin. Antioxidants are the soldiers who don their armour and fight off free radicals – the critters who attack our cells and cause oxidation – which in turn causes an increased level of ageing in our bodies. Many skincare brands today pack their products with antioxidants to help fight off the signs of ageing from an external perspective, but my advice is to attack them from both sides – internally and externally.

Start your day with a few cups of gorgeously soothing green or white tea, rather than coffee. Or, if you’re not into the taste of either of those, go for Rooibos tea instead. Drink the tea on its own, without milk. Then, follow up with a beautiful bowl of fruit, taking special care to add organic blueberries, blackberries and kiwi fruit as they are the gold medal winning antioxidant fruits. Vary your intake as much as possible to ensure you are giving your skin every type of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant available.

2. Protect Your Gut!

I am a firm believer in your skin being the outer reflection of what’s going on inside your body. More specifically, I think that skin-related issues like eczema, psoriasis, and other skin rashes can be caused by an unhappy gut. Many naturopaths I’ve spoken to over the years all agree that there’s a direct link between your skin and your gut. The simple reason being that the small and large intestines are based on an environment that needs to work in perfect harmony with the bacteria in your body.

Think of your gut as your second brain. It’s a machine that’s constantly trying to balance out your levels of flora, and when these levels go out of balance due to certain foods, eating on the run, being really stressed and so on, inflammation occurs in your digestive tract and your immune system is left to clean up the mess. The only problem is that now your immune system is on high alert, alarm bells are ringing, red lights are flashing, and your gut is confused and unhappy.

So, how does this affect the skin? Well, as your body attempts to fix the inflammation in the gut, immune complexes (or diseases) are created and then dumped on your skin’s doorstep. Your poor skin is then left wondering what’s happening and often breaks out in a rash. My point? Protect your gut. Make probiotics (including kefir) your friend and help heal your skin from the inside out.

3. Capture Your Inner Glow!

While food and gut health are both an essential piece of the pie, one crucial ingredient to radiating good health is having self-confidence. For me, it took a year of traveling around the world to really find myself. Somewhere between Sydney, Guatemala, Turkey and New York I discovered a piece of myself I never knew existed. Now, I’m never letting her go. Travel until you find yourself, meditate your way to a strong, healthy, positive mind and learn how to ignore that inner resistance that holds you back. Stare fear in the eye, walk away from things that don’t serve you and most importantly, believe you can do it. Because hey, you can! And so can I.

How’s that for inspiring? If you want to stay connected follow Yaz on Twitter @Yaz_Trollope and ‘Like‘ The Happiness Cocktail on Facebook.

Saha to you,

Claire x


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