Why I’m not a slave to social media anymore

Why I’m not a slave to social media anymore

Do you feel that you MUST show up on social media regularly?

Maybe you run a business and feel it’s imperative to your success? Or maybe you simply feel pulled to ‘share’ the fun times to keep up with everyone else on instagram – you know, that idea that if it’s not online it didn’t happen.I’m not sure if you follow me online but maybe you noticed that for almost 3 months I was not online at all.

I didn’t post anything. Or story a single moment.

This is the second time when I have disconnected for such a lengthy period of time. Both periods were instigated by pregnancy – for me, there is nothing like the wild times of the first trimester to force me into disconnecting.

I felt literally repelled by social medial. By social anything. Retreat. Cave-time. Switching off and tuning out. It’s about survival.

And you know what? It was so liberating to not ONCE consider documenting a funny/cute/interesting moment. Or share my thoughts. Or put energy (precious, limited energy) externally.I had to consolidate my energy, my thoughts, my feelings. I had to retreat inward.

Now I’m riding the waves and highs (hello energy! hello creativity!) of the second trimester and I’m doing alot of reflecting on that time I switched off from social media.

What is really interesting is that something in me (for now) has changed. I feel completely different about sharing online. I feel less inclined to do so unless I actually FEEL called to.

I no longer ponder; “What should I share today?”
Or think “I need to post something today!”

Nup. That feeling is GONE!

I’m no longer a slave to sharing. I’m no longer gripped by the desire to be ‘out there’ and seen. I don’t need to be noticed, acknowledged or connected

When I do, it feels good to – and right too. When I don’t, I just don’t – without consideration or concern. Which means it might be days without checking in and sharing.So what is the benefit of shaking off the shackles of social media (say that 10 times, fast!)

  • Presence.
  • Fully soaking up ALL moments of your day (the good, the bad, the ugly).
  • Consolidating your energy (no energy leaking outward and externally).
  • Feeling clear about what you need/want instead of inadvertently taking on the ideas/thoughts of others.
  • Feeling MORE than good enough (no longer stuck in comparison mode)
Now this is not a social media bash – I still love it, use it and embrace the connection it cultivates. No, this is simply about sharing a different perspective on how we live with it.

This is an invitation to rewire your relationship with it – to no longer be a slave to it but instead take back some control.

Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Are you a slave to it?
  2. Is it leaching your time away?
  3. Or does it support and add value to your life and day.
  4. Do you feel it call out to you, dragging you away from yourself/intuition/presence?
  5. Or does it serve you and bring you beauty in some way?

Social media is here to say, it’s part of our daily lives and how we live and work. But it doesn’t have to rule your world either.I’ll be exploring this on the podcast soon so your comments and thoughts will be so helpful. And always gratefully receive.

Wishing you a weekend ahead of presence, beauty and pockets of peace.

love + light,
Claire xx


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