I’m back and I have (baby) news

I know, I know… I can’t believe it’s been more than TWO months since I last posted.

My ‘business brain’ is saying ALL the stupid things like; Gosh, that is POOR form Claire. That is not very business savvy of you. You can’t just VANISH and disconnect like that.

But, umm, everything else in me says this; Claire, breathe, actually it’s really, REALLY OK that you went MIA. It’s more than OK to switch off from the online world. To take breathing space and conserve your energy. After all you had good reason to Claire...

Which brings me to my BIG NEWS.

Maybe you already know? Maybe you’ve seen my recent instagram post or you suspecting this all along but here goes.

I have another little soul-baby growing within. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and finally on the other side of what was a wild ride through all-day sickness, extreme fatigue and a deep exploration into the self.


Big news right? Round two on the merry-go-round.

Stay with me, I want to share WHY this is such big news… (other than, holy crap I have a miracle inside of me!)

Big because once again this was a beautiful surprise – my babies like to make the decision for us as to when it’s time! And yet there have been SO many incredible moments of synchronicity, messages from the ‘other side’ and mind-blowing connections with this baby before and after conception.

Big news because once again I was thrown into the deepest immersion of the PRESENT. Being that sick forces me to let everything fall away. And when I say everything I mean… EVERYTHING. My work, email, social media, cooking, reading, exercising, meditating. It’s pretty full on to be stripped bare and exposed RAW and left to watch the inner workings of my mind and long held shadows come forward.

Big news because, quite ironically, I asked for MORE SPACE a few months back and I got it. You might remember this post where I pondered on what it would be like to have more space to allow peace to come through. And maybe clarity around purpose.  The last 2.5 months there has been nothing but space and my mind boggles at how much INSIGHT I have gained from it. In fact, I  have SO MUCH I want to share with you yet I don’t even know where to begin. *First world problems

Big news because I have always truly felt – despite my resistance – that motherhood IS a integral part of my soul’s purpose. And there is something about motherhood that I just GET. We are like puzzle pieces that fit together snugly. Despite the trials and challenges (or maybe it’s because of them) I know there is so much growth, learning and ultimately sharing/teaching that will come from bubba number #2.

Big news because this pregnancy has mined up some shadows from the early months with Soleil. I’m not back seeing the same Pre-natal Psychologist to do the necessary clean-up work. A constant (and conscious!) work in progress I am.


So here I am, I wanted to check in and share this big news.

There is a lot I don’t know right now – other than come April I have another baby joining our family – but I am allowing the truth to roll on in as and when it’s meant to. Oh yeah baby, surrender is a knocking once again.

I do know this though my loves – a few insights I have already gleaned and want to share.

  • My work is changing – again. But there are still a few things I want to create before D-day (That’s DUE date btw)
  • I have a deep desire to promote myself to full-time mama for a while. 
  • My passion for whole food cooking has been reignited (I’ll share more on this soon but essentially I have eaten this way for years but really lost the BUZZ to cook and create, until, well, now)
  • I want to simplify, everything.
  • A sea-change (relocation) is being seriously discussed in our home right now. Space, a slower pace, a veggie patch, the ocean. 
  • We can go to really dark places and fall to our knees in struggle but we will ALWAYS come out the other side into the light, standing strong once again.
+++Ok, more from me soon. I’m off to Port Douglas for a much needed family holiday next week and hopefully I’ll gain the clarity on WHERE and HOW to share more with you.

Finally, remember this. I love you and am forever grateful for our connection over the inter webs.

love + light,
Claire xx


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