Why I’ll be hibernating for 30 days

Why I’ll be hibernating for 30 days…

So, it probably comes as no surprise that I’m about to pop anytime. At almost 38 weeks, this baby is ready for its birthday, so people keep telling me!

I’m not so fixated on dates at the moment. I’m not yet feeling ‘over it’… or wishing away this pregnancy. I’ve had such an amazing experience over the last 9 months and I know that if I ever fall pregnant again I’ll never get to experience the spaciousness, freedom and lightness like I have, gratefully, this time round.

In preparing for bub there’s been a lot to do – from getting everything this tiny human needs (so, so much) to sorting out my life and business and making sure that I am eating, moving, breathing and living consciously all the while.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty casual about the whole preparation side of things, letting it all happen slowly and with ease. Which has been the overarching energy of this whole pregnancy… gentle, soft, fluid, effortless.

And I’m planning on carrying that energy into those early weeks and months as baby and I bond and start this incredible journey together. After bub arrives there are no plans, really, except one major intention I am holding too… and that is the hibernation phase or ‘baby moon’ that I’ll be taking.

What is a baby moon?

Traditionally and also in my parent’s culture, women are advised to ‘hibernate’ for the first 30-40 days post birth.

Birth is seen as an incredibly pivotal moment for a woman (and of course the entire family unit). It’s not just that she has birthed a new life into the world – as if that wasn’t big enough already – but her mind-body-soul is undergoing massive changes. Integrating new ways of thinking and being. Recalibrating.

40 weeks of pregnancy – the time of incubation – abruptly ends and a woman’s body has to move into a completely different mode of giving life. Her mind has to catch-up with that mode too.

Her body will slowly revert back to the pre-pregnancy state, but at the same time it is now required to sleep less, produce milk, nurture and attend to a completely dependent child.

On a more energetic and spiritual level there is a lot of gentle repair work that needs to happen. Emotions can be raw as the hormonal system rebalances. Spiritually well I am anticipating that the journey into motherhood can be a deep, internal shake-up.

The hibernation phase is recommended to help a woman rest, restore and recover from such a dramatic change. It’s about rebuilding strength – in mind, body and soul – and creating the space and time to adjust and ease into this new chapter. It’s also a special time for the mother, father and baby to bond.

The first three months of a newborn’s life is considered the 4th trimester – the baby is still undergoing massive development changes and the mum’s body is still undergoing massive renovations too! And in particular, the first 30 – 40 days are the most delicate and need to be handled with kid-gloves.

  • It’s not the time for diving straight back into dynamic exercise regimes.
  • It’s not the time for dieting (your baby is accustomed to the taste of food you ate during pregnancy – this is important if you are breastfeeding!)
  • It’s not the time for an insane social calendar.
  • It’s not the time for taking up new ventures or starting work/projects again.
There is one task and one task only. Nurturing life – yours and your new baby.

With all the wisdom and ancient understanding of the women who have birthed and mothered before me, I have decided to honour this hibernation phase. I’ve decided to commit as much as possible to a baby moon because it makes sense to me.

What will my baby moon look like?

Now, I’m not going to lock myself in the house for a month – but I’m certainly not making any plans to go far from home.

This is a time of healing, bonding, sacred transformation and new beginnings. I feel so excited to be experiencing all of this and I feel quite passionate about honouring this journey.

There will be a lot of this:

  • Sleeping and more sleeping – as much as possible I will rest. Reading books, studying, writing (all the things I love to do) can wait.
  • Eating nourishing foods – and letting my family and partner look after the cooking who are already cooking up stocks and stews for the freezer.
  • Bonding with baby – lots of holding, touching, baby massage!
  • Walks outside in the sunshine.
  • Letting other people help – accepting whatever angels come my way and saying YES to their offers of support.

There won’t be a lot of this:

  • Cleaning and doing chores – again, traditionally women gathered around new mums and took over all this stuff letting the mama and bub do the precious work they need to do! Women were treated as precious and sacred vessels where their health and emotional wellbeing is a priority and the bub’s too!
  • Round the clock visitors – as much as I’ll want to see people, I’ll be honouring this sacred time with my baby and husband by ensuring that visitors are spread out and don’t become too overwhelming.
  • Working! An easy thing to do when your office is in your home and you coach via Skype. I’m going to take a step back from blogging + writing my newsletter for that month.
  • Socialising – I’m not putting pressure on myself to be one of those mums that is already ‘out there’… for some this might work for them. But for me, someone that naturally enjoys alone time, I’m going to savour the chance to pull back and NOT be superwoman. It’s only a month and it’s an important month at that.


The human body is incredible. Everyday I marvel at the miracle of my own body – it functions without me having to ask it and it’s created a life.

And to that, the incredible physical and spiritual bond that is being cultivated with me and my soul-baby. And then the way my body will produce the only source of food this baby will need. It’s insane. To me, how could I not honour my body, the miracle it has produced and the journey we are embarking through complete surrender to this sacred, sacred time.


What can you expect from me?

So during the first 30 days of motherhood you may or may not be hearing from me! I’m giving myself full permission to step back from posting, blogging and sharing – if that feels right for me. And some days it might feel good to reach out and connect. But don’t worry, I will be back and I can’t wait to share the new lessons I know I’ll be diving into head first.

Coaching is currently on hold and I’ll send out a call when I’ll be ready to sign-on new clients.  But if you know that you and I are meant to jam it out at some point in the future please email to express your interest in coaching. I’ll be signing clients up on a first come first serve basis – so this is a good idea if you know you want to work with me in the future!

You can also expect to still see a few posts for me as I’ll be sharing some popular archive posts and a few other bits and pieces.

But the most exciting thing on the radar is that my FREE 21 Day Meditation Project is making a comeback!


On march 2nd the doors to this project will be open. If you haven’t already jump on my mailing list so you can hear first when to sign-up. CLICK HERE.

Myself and 10 incredible women will be helping you to meditate for 3 weeks. No strings, no cost. You just need to sign-up between March 2nd and March 23rd.

And I’ll be joining you on the journey too. Hopefully with my babe in my arms I’ll be meditating and experiencing Stillness, Clarity and Connection with you!

Stay tuned my lovelies!


Your turn: I want to know – did you enjoy a ‘baby moon’ after bub was born? Or what are your thoughts on truly embracing and surrendering to this sacred time. Does it scare it? Or does it feel right?

Love + light,

Claire x


13 Comments to “Why I’ll be hibernating for 30 days”

  1. I am years away from motherhood myself, but everything you have written has resonated so deeply with me. After recently witnessing several women in my life becoming mothers, it is so sad to see that sacred nature of motherhood is respected by so few people- women are expected to continue on, business as usual, ASAP. The ‘superwoman’ tag troubles me at the best of times, but to put it on a new mother is so unfair. I am so inspired by your philosophy and hope that when the time comes for me to create life I can implement your ways. Best wishes for the birth and all the beauty that is to come.

  2. I love this idea Claire and something I will try to do as well once my bub is born in May.
    I think it is so important to step back and allow ourselves to move through the next phase of birthing and then nurturing a baby. Such a special idea!
    Thanks for sharing!! xx

  3. Beautiful woman – I am so excited for you and this next phase. That baby of yours is truly blessed to have you as its Mama.

    I wish I had this post when I was pregnant with my baby girl. I would have done things so differently.
    All good though – no regrets. It all got me to where I am today. But any friends who get pregnant in the future – I am sending them straight here! 🙂

    Enjoy the spaciousness, cuddles, connection and LOVE.


  4. Aaaah Claire, I wish I could turn back time and take this on board!

    When I had my first child, I left the hospital and took her straight to the shops for her Santa photos (I was very young – what was I thinking!!!???!!)

    When I had my second I remember it was pay day for our business the day after giving birth so there I was in my hospital bed processing wages on the laptop!

    And then my third precious came along and had to slip in to the routine of the madhouse!

    Oh if I could only talk to my 20 year old self!!!

    Enjoy your baby and your baby moon Claire, all the best!!! xxx

  5. Claire, I am so loving all these posts at the moment. I’m 32 weeks so a little behind you and I just love how similar our experiences have been. I too plan on just kicking back and sinking into this beautiful journey of motherhood, I’m also planning a blessingway and I’m not over it either. It took two years of nourishing my body, getting my periods back and surrendering to be able to conceive in the first place. It’s such a beautiful gift. Thank you for writing such heart centred posts that makes me feel so connected with my own journey. A lot of people I have met have such a completely different approach and I love what we are both doing as it connects the most to me and feels bliss!

  6. This is lovely to hear. With my first I just underestimated the all-consuming energy it would take to look after a newborn, so I continued making commitments, and soldiered on with my business. I’m now 35 weeks with my second, and this time around, I am making big changes to my life and business to ensure a nicer time (although with a 2 year old involved, it won’t be relaxing as such). I am looking forward to being a lot more present, at least. All the best!

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