This year I want to only have intentions, not resolutions.

Resolutions don’t work. I hear talk about new year’s resolutions, I’ve talked about them before, in fact. But I always notice that by February 1st  all of us talking have dropped the ball. Resolutions, no longer. 
So instead, I’m setting intentions for 2012.
You are probably wondering why this has come about on Friday the 13th instead of January the 1st. There are a few reasons. Ultimately… I like to let the dust settle on the new year. I like to find my groove in it and absorb the experience, energetically, as we shift into a different time and space. But also – I was just too busy to sit and think about what 2012 means to me.

Nevertheless, I got there – all I needed was five minutes to get out of my head and onto paper the things I was feeling, the direction I want to go and who I want to be this year… 

So here they are. In 2012 I intend to…
  • spend quality time with my parents… they are getting older and I don’t want to miss out on fostering a connection, a bond.
  • not lose myself in the growth of 2012… when big things happen, I’ll remember that they aren’t possible without a healthy mind, body and spirit
  • listen to myself, my instincts and not the distracting thoughts of others who are coming from a different perspective
  • meditate, more and more and more
  • embrace my 30s with gusto… life has only improved as I neared 30 so I will look upon this decade with excitement and compassion
  • believe in myself and therefore believe in those around me
  • enjoy life by taking time in the day to connect, to slow down and to sit in nature
  • put myself out there, just like I do when I’m travelling… live with spontaneity, openness and a sense of freedom
  • think less and do more
  • detox… regularly. My body is a temple, keep it clean!


Extensive huh? But one other intention I have is to accept that sometimes things just don’t happen the way I think they should. 
What are your intentions? If you haven’t thought about them yet, it doesn’t matter… the year is still fresh. All is not lost.
You probably noticed one of my intentions; the last one in fact, is detoxing
We are halfway through January, and although everyone talks ‘new year, new you’… really, the ‘beginning’ doesn’t quite kick in until February. It takes us almost a month to realise that 2012 is well and truly in motion. No surprises, January is the height of summer, socialising, and silliness. And rightly so, we all deserve some time-out from reality every now and then. But, what this means is that come February, reality shows up, screaming in our face… bitterly reminding us of those ‘intentions’ to get fit, live a healthy life and find wellness. It’s hard to be motivated to change without support. It’s ok though, really, because there help is on its way. I have something for you that is just what you need!

Check it out:
The Yoga Village Yoga Detox. The Wellness Project (that’s me!), Alkaline Spa + Clinic and Urban Remedy have teamed up with Yoga Village (where I teach) to create a revitalising detox package.
Kicking off on the 1st of February, I’d love to invite you to sign-up for a rejuvenated, refreshed mind-body-soul. Wait… before you switch off, have a little peek at what this package offers before you dismiss it. I can’t quite believe it myself, but here it is:
  • 3-Day Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse (value $195)
  • 4 x Yoga Classes per week over four weeks at Yoga Village (16 classes in total valued at $320)
  • 60-Minute Relaxation Massage at Alkaline (Value $110)
  • 4 x Detox Saunas at Alkaline (value $168)
  • Consultation with Claire Obeid, Holistic Health Coach at The Wellness Project (value $100)
  • Detox Wellness Workshop by The Wellness Project at Yoga Village (value $30)
  • Yoga Village Drink Bottle (value $20)
  • Detox Guide including sample meal plan +recipes (value $20)
  • Offer on additional package upgrades through Alkaline (as listed below)
  • Offer on ongoing health coaching and support through The Wellness Project


So, my question to you is…are you ready for a change? Keen to create new healthy habits? Do you feel like its time for a mind-body detox?
Or maybe I should spin it another way – do you want to feel shiny, energetic, alive and balanced… whole, even?
Yes? Well then, yeah!

Here are the details:
  • Early bird price of $450 – book before January 15
  • Full price $495 – still saving you over $500!
  • Members Price (to Yoga Village) – $365 
  • How: book online at


*Book in quickly as spaces are limited*

I’m excited and can’t wait to kick it off!
I know that the people behind this program (including me) are truly passionate about health and wellness and simply want others to live and be as the best version of themselves. You are in good hands. I would love to see you there!

So, if one of your intentions for 2012 is to take care of yourself – loving your body, mind and spirit – the use this as your kick-start to get the engine going. Your own (gentle) shove in the right direction. We all need to be challenged every now and then to make real change come about. 

Wishing you health, happiness and true wellness in 2012.

Signing off with an exhale.

pause. listen. live.



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