I like me a superfood… chia, cacao, spirulina, acai, maca… the list goes on. But sometimes I just have to slow down when it comes to jumping on the superfood bandwagon. It can become a little pricey and a bit ridiculous when really, health is about keeping it simple and eating fresh, whole foods. Also… It becomes incredibly confusing trying to find ways to include all these superfoods into your diet.

Now, there is one little gem of a superfood that I haven’t paid much attention to before now. I’ve tried it, like it, but perhaps I didn’t have the ‘space’ to include another little powerhouse in my die. I do now thanks to Urban Remedy –  nutritionally balanced juice cleanses – where I’m lucky enough to be working as a health coach. We’ve been experimenting with and trialling new smoothie recipes for the winter and summer 12/13 menu. And it’s here that I have been reacquainted with the humble little goji berry.
Welcome the Goji berry. The superfood from 2005. Yes, I know… this little red fella is old news but lately I’ve been experimenting with goji berries in different ways and I’m l.o.v.i.n.g it!
But, first… let us get to know this little berry.
Like all good things, this berry is of asian descent… said to have hailed from Tibet. This berry is said to have incredible healing powers by the Chinese who include little goji, not only medicinally, but also in their diet.
You’ll find goji in it’s dried form as it only grows once a year in summer. This is how the berry was originally eaten as it keeps it’s high Vitamin C skin intact and prevents its fat content from oxidation. It’s a pretty special berry. Known to have a technique called ‘search and seek’ within its root system which finds nutrients, water and life deep in the soil. This means that the goji is fighter, incredible resilient and able to reawaken after a dormant winter. I wish I could do that.
Better still, the goji’s ability to survive in poor conditions and still seek out nutrients actually translates into the goji’s health-giving properties to us.
Now to the good stuff. This berry is sweet, a little tarty but not in extreme. It’s mild enough to be added to savoury dishes yet sweet enough to add some punch.
When it comes to how healthy this goji berry is for you… well, the list is long. The goji berry has a huge amount of anti-oxidants that slow or stop the oxidation of other molecules in our system
What does this actually mean? Well, it means that the goji can help combat fatigue, disease, illness (blended with a healthy, wholefood diet of course!).
Do you like the sound of:
– decrease the incidence of stroke, heart attack, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.
– increase in the metabolic rate – resulting in increased weight loss.
– increase in sexual activity, libido, and performance.
– stronger bones, healthier blood, increase in eyesight, less mood variability
The fatty acid content in Goji berries resembles that of olive oil, and is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid is important for a number of reasons. It helps omega-3 fish oils penetrate the cell membrane; together they help make cell membranes more supple. By keeping the cell membrane supple, all hormones, neurotransmitter and insulin receptors function more efficiently.

I’ve been enjoying Goji berries in a few different ways…
  • Ground together with my favourite nut(s) and sprinkled over yoghurt as a snack
  • Added to a fresh, crunchy salad
  • Blending into smoothies
  • Sprinkled on top of a rice (works well with black rice) dish and toss through veggies
Enjoy and saha to you.Signing off with an exhale.

Pause. Listen. Live.



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