A Sacred Group Container to energetically attune and align your inner world and embody your transformation.

A 6 week live transmission for those ready to be with themselves in a deeper and more potent way.

Are you ready to align your inner world, attune your energy and embody your spiritual transformation? Join me and a circle of kindred spirits as we hold space for soul-centred change in the (I am) The Remedy sacred group container.

And for those who crave to be with themSelves in a deeper, more potent way, I invite you to open yourself to my (I am) The Remedy live transmission healing sessions, shared with you across a six-week program.

You’ve likely had enough experience with hustling and pushing to know it rarely creates the world you want, especially when your inner landscape is out of alignment with what you try to call in. “Manifesting” and “abundance” are more than just hot words. They’re states of being. It’s impossible to simply “think” and “affirm” your way to your desires (trust me, I’ve tried). You have to embody your way there.

Do you suspect that connecting to, refining and working with the way you feel—emotionally and energetically—might just be the missing pieces? Well, guess what? You’re right. This is the soothing balm you crave. The remedy.

Everything is energy, and the frequency we emit is what matters when it comes to creating real and lasting change. But you knew that, right? Perhaps you feel the way I used to feel: stumped about how to actually change that frequency in your everyday reality. The transformation of lofty and elusive ideas (which are often void of practice and application) is how we start to access our highest-vibration emotions and our deepest states of joy, and how we live our most prolific lives.

So how do we embody and experience the states of being of love, abundance, joy, contentment or true happiness? How do we feel stable, centred and anchored in who we are? How do we feel all those yummy emotions from within? And how do we hold on to these feelings when (especially when) life wobbles and shakes?

  • When your kids push you to your limits?
  • When you receive an unexpected bill?
  • When lockdown strikes (again)?
  • When those carefully made plans get derailed?
  • When you feel overworked and overwhelmed?



Can you stay centred then?

Can you still hear your hearts wisdom?

Can you feel your soul still at ease in your body?


In these times, no amount of journalling, crystal grids, hoping, thinking and processing around our vibration makes a difference. It either works the mind or the external environment, and has little to no impact on our state of being.


The secret sauce is you.
Your Beautiful body, your interior
landscape,your being-ness.

Let me be clear. I can’t heal you, and I can’t promise you a particular result. I’ve learned that the hard way myself, after spending many years placing my heart in the power of other teachers, guides and healers, hoping they’d have the remedy I needed. Until the message finally landed.


I am the remedy. I have the magic and medicine.
And do you know the most potent part of this message? So do you.


In the (I am) The Remedy program, I hold space for you through a sacred six-week group transmission commitment, and guide you home to yourSelf so you can recall your inherent greatness. Our circle is a reverent, impenetrable sanctum for healing, growth and transformation, with me at the helm as your midwife, activator, expander and guide.

We’ll come together for a series of practices to attune, transform and align our naturally abundant and thriving states of being. There’s less talking about problems and studying the solutions, and more communion with your soul, designed to birth transformation in an energetic and embodied way.


 We’ll transform constriction into fluidity, go from skimming the surface into depth, and switch from autopilot into vibrancy through:

+ Powerful energy activations

+ Blissful womb yoga meditations

+ Alchemical and ancient wisdom practices

+ Light language transmissions

+ Meditation

+ Breathwork

+ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or “tapping”)

+ Energy and somatic medicine


There is nothing in (I am) The Remedy that I don’t practice and embody myself. Daily.


What is (I am) The Remedy?

(I am) The Remedy is a six-week commitment to growth, connection and embodiment. You’ll receive:

  • a safe and enclosed online private container, shared with heart-led, like-minded women
  • a space to receive guidance and deeply explore your Self through weekly mentoring sessions and tailored support
  • 6 x weekly practice sessions featuring different energy-based modalities to anchor into your body as well as our magical communal grid
  • 6 x group coaching circles to reflect on our experiences, come together and hold space for each other, and jump in the hot seat for individual support
  • weekly “Daily Meds”: 15-minute videos featuring mini breathing practices, energetic activations and EFT session. These quick, go-to, bite-sized weekly practices are yours to keep for your “Home Play Practice”.

Within our 6 week container, we will align and attune our inner landscape through these frequencies and codes:

Week 1: LIBERATION – deep inner clearing and purification. What’s no longer working and needed? Releasing old patterns and wounds with a particular focus on the womb centre (the place where karma is stored!)

Week 2: OPEN – awaken your heart, attune your passion and desires. Heal the hurt and feel ready to give (and receive!)

Week 3: AMPLIFY – Clear and unblock your voice and authentic expression – allow yourself to speak and share your highest truth and most aligned self.

Week 4: AWAKEN – your inner vision and purpose. Releasing the blocks to higher wisdom, knowing, insight and clarity.

Week 5: DEVOTE – stoke the fire of devotion to your own embodied transformation and awaken the flow of your inner medicine and magic

Week 6: DEEPEN – into your relationship with self and with the divine – returning home to soul and spirit.


A 60-minute private and potent mentoring and healing session, with my eyes, heart and energy focussed solely on you.


The VIP offer is here for those that join and are looking for a more intimate addition to the (I am) The Remedy experience.  If you feel called to work with me one on one, or you crave individual attention, then this offer is for you.


This sacred work is deep, powerful and intimate, and it can trigger important shifts in a short space of time. You can choose from more reflective/mentoring-style work or to go deeper energetically with breathwork, EFT and energy medicine.


Everyone who joins (I am) The Remedy before [July 26th] will receive a BONUS EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Masterclass plus a Complete 60-minute Breath Medicine Breathwork Class.


Quick Q&A

How long is the (I am) The Remedy journey from start to finish? The group container lasts six weeks (40 days) from 16 August to 24 September

How many practice/session times are there each week? The six-week program includes the following live sessions:

  • opening and closing circles
  • 6 x 90-minute coaching circles
  • 6 x 60-minute group practice sessions


When are the calls held each week?

  • We hold calls Monday and Friday evenings at 8pm AEST. I will announce any changes to times with as much notice as possible. Recordings of the sessions will also be available.

(I am) The Remedy is not a mindfulness-based, education-based or study-based journey. Yes, those things are important, and yes, you will learn so much, but it’s foremost an experiential transmission: practices to do, experience, be with and embody. I want you to feel the medicine working.

The Remedy Woman is ready to…

  • enter a devotional relationship with herself, to put herself into the daily container of change so she can mine for gold
  • go beneath the surface of her life and uncover a richness and aliveness (that’s always been there)
  • embrace commitment and constancy in order to access an inner steadiness
  • discover and practice working with the medicine and magic of her own energetic being
  • anchor into her divine body, calling her soul home and throwing her arms open to all that life offers her
  • show up and be expanded in mind, body and soul, awakening and emitting a new vibration
  • meet herself and her potential within the inner landscape of her being
  • receive and activate the power of the womb-heart-third eye portal (based on Magdalene Womb Yoga Technology) and be in service to the world, as she truly desires to be
  • embrace, with curiosity, whatever is felt, seen and experienced in the sacred container, knowing that inquiry will serve as a powerful act of revelation

(I am) The Remedy is your home if you...

    • have so many tools but don’t know how and when to implement them, let alone integrate them
    • crave inner fulfilment and contentment above all else
    • have done multiple courses and programs but don’t yet feel anchored in anything you’ve learned, and you still seek a shift on a cellular level
    • have had a mentor or coach before, or have been to therapy, and yet you know in your heart that the transformation you desire needs to feel more embodied
    • know you’ve gone as far as you can with your “mind” and now it’s time for an energetic adventure
    • want to suck the nectar out of life, rather than just going through the motions
    • need a consistent, strong container so you can show up for yourself, and self-paced learning doesn’t feel right
    • aren’t interested in information to download and study
    • want a transmission, an experiential journey, and to embody the felt sense of alignment, liberation, awakening and homecoming
    • believe (but have not yet experienced enough!) that change in your outer reality begins with your vibrational state of being
    • are done thinking through concepts and cognitively grasping ideas, and instead want to embody those ideas

(I am) The Remedy is here to serve those feeling dull, stuck in a low-grade loop of anxiety and “going through the motions' in life. This is for those ready to suck the marrow out of life and sink their teeth in deeper.

(I am) The Remedy is not your home if you...

    • want to tick off another check-box experience or templated spiritual journey
    • aren’t yet ready to commit to self-growth and healing
    • have yet to accept that transformation and healing require radical self-responsibility
    • aren’t willing to show up for live practice sessions and group calls
    • want to be inspired and guided but aren’t ready to move past “soaking up the wisdom” into “receiving and embodying the wisdom”
    • aren’t ready to be with discomfort in any form and prefer something you can consume rather than stretch into
    • have limited belief in your energetic being as the invisible driving force of your life (if you don’t believe in the basics of energy/vibrational anatomy, then most our work will not land for you)
    • are turned off by anything too “spiritual”, “ritual” or “woo”
    • are afraid of working with your body, your breath and your energy systems because you trust in the mind only


I am a guide. A facilitator. A wielder of body wisdom. A holder of space. An illuminator. A women with a big heart to serve.

I’ve been through the shadows, found the gold and brought it back for you.

I’ve shown up for “the work” time and time again. I don’t run from the darkness, and I no longer run too fast towards healing, either. I’ve learned the power of subtle transformation has over “instant” healing.

I’ve stepped into a new, more integrated, anchored and grounded chapter, energetically aligned and attuned to both my inner landscape and the firsthand experience of embodied transformation.

(I am) The Remedy is a culmination of my body of work: self-study, self-transformation, healing, growth, learning and the embodiment of it throughout more than a decade spent guiding myself home. And I’ve done this alongside private coaching other like-minded, soul-centred seekers, sharing healing, teaching yoga and breathwork, and holding space for hundreds of women also searching for a way back to Self.

I understand women and the stories they carry, their desires, and the way their bodies crave a unique experience of divine feminine presence. A visceral and lived understanding of how to be of the utmost service to women forms the foundation of this sacred, practiced-based experience of (I am) The Remedy.

(I am) refined. Clear. Steady. Passionate. Grounded.

It no longer matters what crumbles around me as I sit in the centre of it all. I don’t waiver internally. I might get ruffled on the outside (I am human!): tears are often shed, frustration is felt. But I always return home to soul, to self. That is now my constant. I know how to find my way there swiftly and I trust in my ability to energetically attune, align, reflect and heal.
It’s my remedy.


The secret is that every tool I’ll share with you is already yours. You have infinite access to them, just as I do.


Will you be your own remedy?


he exchange below is a way of honouring the energy and entity that is (I am) The Remedy.
And it honours you: your time and your need for support, guidance and accountability.


When we enter an exchange (be it financial, emotional, energetic or other), it allows us to show up
with a stronger sense of value, desire and commitment.
And that plugs us into the cyclical nature of receivership and service.


Pre Sale Offer

Next round TBC
for $555 (save $333)

Payment plan available: 2 x $288
fortnightly payments


(I am) The Remedy 
journey plus bonus EFT
(Emotional Freedom Technique)
Masterclass and a 60-minute
Breath Medicine Virtual Class.

Pre Sale Vip upgrade

(15 spots  available)

Next round TBC
for $777 (save $111)

Payment plan available: 3 x $266
 fortnightly payments

Join (I am) The Remedy
and receive 1 x 60-minute heal and mentoring session with Claire plus bonus EFT (Emotional Freedom
Technique) Masterclass and a
60-minute Breath Medicine Journey Virtual Class

Standard Price:

$888 standard cart price – Next round TBC

Payment plan available: 3 x $303
 fortnightly payments


If you’ve got a body and breath, you can do these sessions. Of course, if you have any major injuries, please let me know. This practice is not about how deeply you can bend your back or how long you can stand on your head (though all of that has its place). This practice features gentler, feminine-based poses, shapes and movements. It’s less about nailing a pose or how stretchy you are, and more about the energetics of holding, posturing and embodying. We’ll move our bodies, and use mudras (gestures), mantras, and arm/hand movements within a kriya (series of movements) or a somatic sequence (this can be a blend of yoga, qi gong, non-linear movement, centering and soothing practices).

We begin each week with a 60-minute practice session, so you can have an embodied, experiential journey before using your beautiful mind to learn and understand. After the live session, you’ll receive your “Daily Meds” mini sessions along with a replay of the practice session. At the end of the week, we come together for our group mentoring and coaching circle, where we focus on a theme to unpack our Selves, and you’ll have the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching and take part in group sharing.

Nothing and everything! This isn’t a course full of downloadable PDFs and additional “materials” to wade through. I think we’ve all had enough of that, right? What you receive is based entirely on how much you show up for yourself: being present within the live containers, doing the practices regularly and honouring your investment. But speaking literally, you’ll receive more than 18 hours of practice/session time over the six-week program.

You have six months from the start date to access the materials and course content. The mini practices are yours to keep! Creating a container of time around this journey establishes boundaries, which gives us opportunities to savour and experience what we’ve spent money on. Without boundaries, I find that many people (including myself) don’t follow through with programs and courses.

I will upload all class recordings into a Teachable portal. I’ll also email you the Zoom details for live attendance (highly recommended!) and a schedule of events when the container officially opens.

The Zoom classes will be available within the online portal and accessible for a full six months from when the container opens. As this is my intellectual property and a culmination of deep work, training and study, the content is not downloadable and cannot be kept. The mini “Daily Meds” classes, however, are yours to keep.

I can’t promise you a result or “heal” you. All of that, beautiful queen, is in your hands. I can assure you that if you show up regularly, whether live or consistently watching the recordings and engaging with the practices, that you will feel a shift. You will feel different. What that means is different for everyone, but now’s the time to feel excited about the possibilities waiting for you.

When the container opens, I’ll send out a list of dates and times from which you can select a session that suits you. You have up to six months to schedule our session. You may prefer one-on-one support during The Remedy journey (so book in quick!) or as a follow-up down the line.

The EFT Masterclass and Breath Medicine class is a gift for you to devour at any point during or after our journey together. These classes will be made available in the portal from August 16th onwards. They are not necessary for our Remedy journey but will be a huge asset for understanding the workings of EFT and the breath.

I would be truly sorry to hear if you felt unhappy. Unfortunately offering refunds is not possible. Personally, if I have ever not felt “happy” with a program it usually indicates that I have not entered the container, immersed in the content or practiced what is on offer. The owness is on us, as individual and sovereign beings, to show up for the journey.