My beautiful partner, Chris, has unfortunately torn his hamstring. Been there, done that! I have also been is the anxious place he is in – knowing that for a short period of time he has to hold back from doing the things that brings him happiness.

Having been injured more than once during my yoga practice, I’ve learnt many things that I am now grateful for. Firstly, each injury has made me a better teacher. I now teach from a deeper understanding of the body and its anatomy and a deeper respect for its limitations.
Each injury has also taught me that my ego is constantly at play. Always trying to override my best intentions and always tricking me into doing, thinking, being in someway that doesn’t benefit me. This ego has made me, unknowingly, push myself past my limit, driving me to obsess over a pose and ignore clear signals my body has been sending.
This ego is no friend of mine. An enemy of sorts, but the reality is I couldn’t live without. Because without it, I wouldn’t be learning and growing.
Chris asked me today – “What am I going to do? How am I going to do this?’ By ‘this’ I know he meant not go insane, lose my motivation and end up blobbing on the couch.
Our solution? Let’s find a new way. I remember when I injured my hamstring last year I had to hold back in every single yoga pose. Asanas that I could normally practice with ease felt raw and new, like unchartered territory. But it was the holding back that helped me really switch in to my body and be honest with where I was at. I also had to come at poses from a different angle – truly redefining what structure and alignment meant for myself.
When faced with anything, injury or other, we have to learn how to slow down, give yourself space and time to accept, become aware, to heal and also override the fear of not ‘doing or being’ in a way we believe defines us. Because it doesn’t.
We are not our yoga practice. We are not our football game. We are the way we respond to our yoga, our football. We are the way we absorb and learn from those practices. Not the doing and being within it.

Together, Chris and I are coming up with a game plan – a new way of ‘being’ whilst he steps back from the old way. And in that I know he will learn more than he did before. I know he’ll come back to his game with respect, drive, motivation and mostly awareness.

1) Grieve for a moment then pull your socks up, accept and move forward
2) Review the situation
3) Let go of what you ‘usually’ do and embrace a new pattern, even if it’s just for a short time
4) Do something, anything to fill your time that’s safe and works with you and your injury
5) Enjoy the opportunity to take a step back and slow down, you’ll be surprised by what comes out of it
6) Stay focused on your goal, but give yourself time – accepting that your ‘goal post’ might change along the wayHow have you been ‘injured’ – physically or emotionally – that has made you reassess and review. Did you find beauty in it?

Signing off with an exhale.Pause. Listen. Live.



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