How to be imperfectly perfect

Why do we strive for perfection?

What is so scary about being our imperfect selves? And who labelled ‘imperfection’ something to avoid like the black plague? Maybe we can be imperfectly perfect instead?

Have you ever pondered on how completely futile the desire for perfection is and how perhaps, the imperfections, that paint the picture that is you, is actually a demonstration of your perfection – as a human being, as spirit and everything in between –  mothers, daughters, lovers, fathers, sons, friends, colleagues.

I know you’ve felt the weight and pressure of perfectionism. I know you’ve carried the burden of striving to be something you’ve come to believe is ‘excellent beyond improvement’.

Flawless. Complete. Exact. Absolute.

In today’s VLOG I dive into imperfection and explore how we can embrace imperfection.

  • This is an invitation to embrace the imperfect you.
  • This is about opening up in order to witness and experience the perfection that is your imperfect self.
  • This is a homage to life, as the imperfectly perfect experience that is it!
  • This is a chance to herald the beauty of the asymmetry and unevenness of life.

Take a deep breath. Connect inwards to yourself (imperfections and all!) and dive into this video. I know you are going to love this!

Your turn: Share below. What’s something IMPERFECT about you or your life right now that you are now going to celebrate and appreciate?

love + light,

Claire x

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4 Comments to “How to be imperfectly perfect”

  1. Clare, throughout the entire freedom project, I loved it each time you mentioned “where you are is perfect”, or “what is happening is perfect” – resonates beautifully xx

  2. Hi Claire,

    I really enjoyed this! I love the idea of “looking at the world through the lens of imperfection” but doing so in a good way!

    It can be so easy to judge yourself (and others) and get frozen in negativity by holding yourself up against this perfect ideal you have created to strive towards.

    I’ve done this so much during my fertility struggles, and its taken me a long time to realise I was looking at it the wrong way!

    I share a lot of how I’ve changed that perspective on my blog, and was actually writing a post this week about turning the focus from thinking of the “costs” of infertility, to those things which I have gained from it, so this VLOG really resonated with that for me!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips!! 🙂

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  • Get your FREE ebook: 21 Days to Free Your Mind, Fuel Your Body & Feed Your Soul