How resilient are you?

how resilient are you?

It’s been a few weeks now since Om Mama Love launched and I’m feeling all those sweet grateful vibes – as each new mama joins us I get that delightful wash of warmth flood my heart. Knowing that they have chosen to put their self-care needs first and dive into spirituality (done the easy way!) is precisely why I created Om Mama Love.

(Scroll down if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)


Since the launch I’ve also really loved taking a step out from the ‘creative-cave’. I gave myself permission to switch off from that space and just let it roll-out. That’s what happens when you put in the hard work and attention to detail BEFOREHAND – everything was set-up so I could let my gaze and attention fall elsewhere.

Because sometimes, no matter how much we love something (a project, a creation, a person!) we need space away from it.

To appreciate it. To switch off from it (or them!). To fall in love with it again.


Speaking of handwork, I want to touch on something my beautiful and wise friend Tara Bliss shared on Snapchat (PLEASE follow her if you aren’t already. She is a living, breathing spark of magic).

Digging Deep.
Following through.
Hard- freaking-work.

Why are so many of us adverse to doing it?
Why do so many of us quit when it gets tough?
Why do we back out when ‘stuff’ is not happening at the speed and energy we expect it to?
And who are we to judge as to how it should happen and by when??

Where did we get the idea that GOOD stuff happens only to a few good people AND that it has to ALWAYS be easy and effortless.

Get this (here are my disclaimers). 1) Yes, sometimes good stuff does happen easily and effortless – it’s called IN THE FLOW and god it feels good, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY right way. 2) I’m not about glorifying BUSY and hard work to make ourselves feel bigger, inflated, better. No no, this is NOT about that.

This is about toughening up a little and digging your heels in when your vision is bigger than the desire to quit.

Tara shared in her snapchat that she put in some serious (and still does) hard work in the early days of entrepreneurship. She spoke of how she built her coaching business in a small, hot sweaty room and worked hours chipping away.

I know this for a fact; she wouldn’t have loved every moment, nor would it have always been easy. And guess what, THAT IS OK!

I know this for a fact because I went through the same thing. Chipping away in a small room (yes, my room was hot and sweat-inducing too! Ha!). ALONE for hours a day trying to figure out this online/marketing/coaching world. No tribe or team to answer my questions.

Just a freaking soulful goal insight and a whole lotta passion and drive.

And I’m here again now. Juggling two businesses with MULTIPLE layers to them around a toddler, a husband, a home and my own needs.

I’m here resiliently and tenaciously (with respect of the moon, my cycle, the ebb and flow of life!) chipping away again.

WHY? Why? WHY do we stick it out?…BECAUSE OUR WHY MATTERS.

YOUR WHY is the thing that brings you to tears when you tune into it. Or fires you up with an unstoppable drive. If you haven’t tapped into that my love, then no wonder hard work is scary. It a why that is connected to how you want to feel in your life – and if you know what why/that feeling/that goal is going to lead you to a more joyful, content, happy place than that is worth pursuing. 

Disclaimer 3) If your goal is buying a house, or saving to travel, or building or empire – the size doesn’t matter, it’s whatever means something to you!

And as Tara said in her snaps “Why THE HELL would you quit now??” Just because you can’t see the fruits of your labour born yet doesn’t mean they won’t be. And they sure as hell WON’T be if you quit now – just because it got hard.

When it gets hard our ego fires up with the loudest voice possible; “Oh maybe this ISN’T right for you?” “Did you consider you’re not cut out for this?” “Other people will succeed but you won’t?”

Better still is when our ego masks itself as our ‘spiritual voice’ saying things like “This intuitively doesn’t feel right anymore” Or “This pathway is not aligned with your truth”

Disclaimer 4) YES our inner voice can often say those things and they are spot on. But you’re job is to feel into whether that’s your truth speaking or your ego. Hint: generally, your ego is a much more obvious and intense voice. Our intuition speaks in a subtler language and tends to use signs, symbols, guideposts and sensations.

When you follow through, when you CHOOSE RESILIENCE (and flow, and intuition and inspired action) you WILL reach your dreams. You will find that space of abundance, success, and achievement.


So here’s my thought; think back to a time when you were resilient – and look at what they created/delivered offered up. When were you your most tenacious, determined self and what fruits did it offer up?

As we near the end of 2016 and our minds and hearts steer us towards the dreams, desires, goals and feelings we want to nurture in 2017 ask yourself if you are ready to harness the power of resilience when you need to.

love + light,

Claire x


One Comment to “How resilient are you?”

  1. Thanks for this Claire! It’s always lovely hearing that other entrepreneurs go through the same thing. Being in my first year of business, I often feel this way too. Especially the long hours of putting in work with no immediate returns. I try to keep reminding myself that this is the best part of the journey and one day I’ll look back with fondness at my young self in the small room, chipping away one bit at a time.


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