How do you NOT want to feel this year?

How do you NOT want to feel this year?

Happiest new year to you. I’ve been off the grid a little over the xmas/ny break… which wasn’t my intention. You know I had all these awesome things I want to share with you. Such as my mini yoga video on ‘How to beat the Christmas Bloat’

But as life would have it, the last two weeks have been my toughest yet. In fact, Christmas didn’t even happen for our little family. We were all struck down with gastro, fevers and lots of other exhausting things that little babies throw in the mix. Such is life!

So here I am today, and we are five days into the new year. Usually I spend a few days to a couple of weeks working through my feelings – desires, intentions, reflections, ponderings – to align myself to the year ahead.

I don’t have nearly as much time to delve into this annual exercise as I’d like to, but I do have one fail safe way to do this – to drill down into my soul and get the guidance I need.

And I share this fail safe way in an archived video I did this time, two years ago.

In this video I guide you through the super simple task of discovering your own core desired feelings – thanks to Danielle LaPorte + her Desire Map – from a slightly different perspective.

The perspective from the SHADOW. From what might seem to be ‘the negative’ perspective. And that is to ask your soul:

“What do I NOT want to feel this year”…

Sometimes I struggle to really pinpoint my core desired feelings, but when I look at what I don’t want to feel (relive, experience, push through) then I often directly hit on how I DO want to feel.

Want to learn how to do this? CLICK HERE to watch this ‘olden-but-golden” video blog from 2014.

How do I not want to feel?

Bitter. Frustrated. Like the victim. Over it. Dark.

Instead I want to feel: Surrendered. Present. Appreciative. Grateful. In it. Light. Expansive. (I’m such a wordy person I could GO on forever…)

Have a watch of it yourself and then get going on figuring out your feelings to guide and light the way for #Sweet2016!

Feel free to hit send and tell me how you don’t (and DO) want to feel this year.


Oh and when I mention The Freedom Project in this video, although there isn’t a new round starting soon, it is always OPEN for business. Meaning – you can start at anytime. So check it out!


love + light,

Claire xx


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