My Approach

Claire Obeid

Here you are. Heeding the call for change. Fired up, willing & ready to crack open + step-up! It’s your time, beautiful.

I’d be honoured to support you on your journey – your own wellness project. Let me share with you how I do it – the method to my game-changing madness coaching that will free your mind, fuel your body and feed your soul!


I am Claire…
  • a wise, soul-centered woman.
  • a wellness advocate.
  • an openhearted story-teller.
  • an inquisitive, always-eager, peel-off-a-few-more-layers type of gal.
  • a generous spirit.
  • a yogi (student & teacher).
  • a healer.
  • a modern hippy.

I’m also a Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Writer, Mama. When we work together you get all of me, and then some!

I am a true listener and wisdom filled teacher. Intuitive. Bold. Encouraging. Open. Insightful.

So, what is it that I actually do?

I guide women out of discontent, disappointment and dissatisfaction into bright, bold and balanced lives – body, mind, soul.

I help women create, cultivate and keep their own brand of wellness – I’m all about diving deep and doing the inner work to transform your outer life.

My drum beats to the sound of self-enquiry, personal growth, empowerment, spirituality and heart-spun connections.

In a nut-shell, I’m all about Soul-Food – making the deep-down, heartfelt changes so you feel really, really good…If you are too, then let’s make magic together!

Seriously, I (freaking!) love to support, mentor and motivate. My mission is to call your attention to the one thing that truly matters – you.


Here’s the truth: when you aren’t treating your body well, there’s always something deeper lurking in the shadows. There’s more to why you aren’t fueling your body with love. Yes, what you eat matters, but it goes deeper than that.

Which is why I have a two-pronged approach. The method to my game-changing coaching is in my Soul-Food Philosophy.

My Soul-Food Philosophy

I’ve taken the lessons I learnt on home soil (growing up in my health conscious, spiritually-minded family) for the body, mind and soul and mashed them up with my own personal experience, natural inner wisdom and ongoing education to feed you, in every way….

The end result? A nourished body, full heart, open mind, and a soulful life.

The Soul Stuff

When it comes to the soul, I am a student of the Divine (insert your own word: God, Universe, The Higher Self, The Buddha within) that is within us and around us (all of us!).

I’m a long-term soul-seeker – my childhood was steeped in spirituality, and the fascination has never left me.

I’ve studied with countless spiritual teachers, read more soul-centered books than my savings account would like, explored my shadow self + ego, and am constantly being cracked open on my yoga mat and in my meditation chair.

When I work with my clients, it’s all about journeying in to the essence of you. Together we’ll put our detective hats on and seek out the darkness, draw out the shadows and find the light that’s thrumming inside of you. I have no problem calling you out on what I can see (that maybe you can’t) and wrapping you in love, as we peel off another layer.

Think of me as Mother Earth meets Motivator: Compassion meets Devoted Action. Softness meets Strength.
Understanding meets Discipline. Surrender meets Striving.

The Food Stuff

Ok, so, don’t shoot me, but I’ve ditched the diet-plans and rulebooks. (Hello, wellness rebel!) Instead, I choose to coach from a place of intuition, knowledge and respect.

It’s all about YOUR lifestyle, diet, culture and current state of health – these are the only rules I follow to help you create big, lasting changes.

When it comes to food and good nutrition, I know my stuff. (Seriously, check out my street cred below.) Not to mention, I was born into a middle-eastern family that lives and breathes good food. My family owned a health food business and I was raised on the principles that real food, from Mother Nature, is the only way to go for a truly healthy bod (and mind!).

Claire Obeid


Together, we’ll delve deep…

  • What emotional blocks are standing in your way?
  • What sneaky, limiting self-beliefs are controlling your life?
  • What stressors are unravelling your mind, body and soul?
  • What does a balanced, happy and perfectly healthy life look like to you?

The whole point of my Soul-Food Philosophy is this (and it’s simple!) :

Free your mind. Fuel your body. Feed your soul.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What else is in my magic bag of tricks?

I have an arsenal of seriously potent tools which I use to help women across the globe to create wellness from the inside out. These include:

  • Certified Holistic Health + Wellness Coach –The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher with 400+ hours of training under my belt
  • Certified Level 1 + 2 EFT Practitioner (Advanced level, here I come!)
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level 1)
  • Constant and avid student of wellness – currently completing a Holistic Healer Course, Energy Field Intensive, Shadow Working and more.

Not to mention, I’m a naturally intuitive and wise ‘old’ soul with a spirit-fuelled fervour. I have an ability to read between the lines and see what’s really going on. And I live by the burning desire to help you realise your full potential and live the life you deserve.

I love to put these tools to good use to help soul-centred women – just like you – who’ve felt the spark, who know that there’s a whole lot more to life, and who are ready to shine.

In case you were wondering, what I’m not about is:

  • Extreme dieting + Foodie-fads – No quick fixes here. Just real food, the old-skool way!
  • Restrictive eating habits – If your body likes grains, you can eat ‘em. It’s about tuning in to ourselves, not whipping our bodies into submission.
  • Contemplation without action – My work is based on creating change – you’ll walk away from each session knowing exactly what to do next. I blend contemplation and consideration with action and awareness. (Full disclosure: that’s why my clients get such great results.)
  • Bully tactics – I won’t get all ‘drill-sergeant’ on your sweet self. But I will call you out and pull you up when you need it.
I encourage you to respect and nurture the body-mind-soul and do the dirty (but oh so exciting) work to live the life you truly desire and deserve!

Through my 1-on-1 coaching, online programs, meditations, ebooks and more, you’ll learn practical wisdom, garner soul-centered insight and discover how to create sustainable change.

All of my work is 100 percent steeped in love, and it’s all designed to bring you into balance, true happiness and perfect health. I’m itching to work with you, gorgeous!

Ready to start your own project in wellness? Ready to invest in yourself; body-mind-soul? Then let’s do this!

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