Happiness Interrupted

  • Do you allow your own inner radiance to be interrupted?
  • Is your happiness on a continuous stop-start action?
  • Are you always on a roller coaster – sometimes riding high and others you are hanging low?

Yes? Well, take comfort firstly in that you can recognize that. And secondly, take comfort that you are not alone.

Most of us feel like we are in this perpetual cycle of high/low, happy/sad, up/down, good/bad.

And that’s just life, right? Sure it is…we must flow with the tidal wave of emotions, experiences and challenges. Getting swept up into them, caught in them, distracted by them, overwhelmed by them… that is, until we are eventually distracted by something shiny and new which brings us back to the shore of peace and happiness again…where we can rest for a little while.

Ok, I’m being facetious. Not sure if you could detect the sarcasm in the words I just wrote… but let me get really direct here.

Do you let your happiness and own inner radiance be interrupted as the ‘THINGS’ you desire come and go?

Are you so desperately at the mercy of what life dishes up for you – delivers into your hands – that if it isn’t quite ‘right’ you are once again battered and bruised? Once again, that happy, glowy version of you is nowhere to be found, only to be replaced by a more stressed out, angrier, reactive, you – caught in your own mental chatter, limiting self-beliefs and emotional abuse.

Does this sound dramatic? Well, perhaps. But I’m trying to make a BIG, BIG point here, that needs to be made.

You. YOUR true self. Your highest self. Your Universal self. Divine Soul. God essence (whatever turn of phrase most resonates with you)… YOU ARE HAPPINESS.


You don’t need experiences, situations, things, people, more money, a new car, a great new outfit… (and on it goes) to BE HAPPY, RADIANT. To BE LOVE

You might feel for a moment or two (or three) that all those things make you FEEL happy, radiant, glowy, bright, sparky, alive… love-filled. And hey, there is nothing wrong with what you desire…

Let me repeat that. There is NOTHING wrong with what you desire. Desires are a major part of our human experience.

As the incredible Danielle LaPorte says ‘want what you want with all your heart, but don’t get attached to it’.

So, if your desires were ‘interrupted’… if your desires didn’t come to you, or they did and then vanished again… or it took a lot longer to arrive than what you’d planned, would you be OK with that?? Would you still feel happy?

How do you BE radiant, BE happy? Instead of just feel it?

The poet Rumi says, “be suspicious of what you want”.
First, ask yourself if what you desire –what you think brings you inner radiance and happiness – is actually a true, heart-driven desire, or if you are chasing a pipe dream. An holy grail of nothingness that might give you fleeting moments of feeling radiance and happiness, but doesn’t fill you up from the inside out.

Nothing can, nothing will. Until you realize that you ARE happiness. You ARE radiance.

And then, try this…

Be still.

Go into quiet. Find that spark within you. Connect to it. Breathe into it. Feel into it. Get cosy with it. Familiar with it. Find your home within that stillness.

When we meditate we aren’t just de-stressing and rebalancing – although it must be said that nothing will do those two things better than a good meditation session – but we are also opening the doors to our inner self. The self that is happiness. That is perpetually radiant. Not some of the time, or when good things come. But all the time.
We are choosing to BE instead of DO or even just feel. We choose, through stillness to embody our true nature – our inner radiance.

The point of life is happiness.
—The Dalai Lama

So when life is good. Meditate. When life is tremendously challenging. Meditate. When life is boring and days are relentless the same. Meditate.

Why? Because in that stillness you’ll be cocooned in your own, golden radiance. You’ll be connected and tapped into your own source of undiluted, unrestricted and continuous flow of happiness.

Reveal Your Inner Radiance (mini) meditations to makeover your mind, body and soul

If you are ready to go into that stillness, then look to my new meditation offering – The Reveal Your Inner Radiance (mini) meditation series, available in three 7-day packages. Each mini-meditation series comes complete with a daily guided meditation, downloadable journaling guide + soulful commentary to support you on your journey to radiance.

Just one track a day will help you cultivate the stillness you crave, create space for healing + open up the sacred bond with your highest self.

You’ll tap into that well-spring of happiness and radiance within you, an uninterrupted source.


“Consider that you radiate. At all times. Consider that what you’re feeling right now is rippling outward into a field of is-ness that anyone can dip their oar into. You are felt. You are heard. You are seen. If you were not here, the world would be different. Because of your presence, the universe is expanding.” Danielle LaPorte

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