what would happen if you created more white space in your life?

Recently I shared a bit about me – how I do things, juggle life, biz and motherhood and other random insights from behind the scenes of my world.

I also riffed on Instagram Stories about how important it is to consciously carve out time to turn off from the busyness of our lives when it’s obvious that it’s time to!

You know those moments, don’t you? When you are exhausted and no amount of ‘pushing through’ is going to help. Or how about when you are trying to power through an all-nighter in the creative cave – despite the fact that your creative juice has long since dried up.

Since that last newsletter and that Instagram Story (p.s come connect with me – @claireowellness – if you’d like more BTS, tips, insights and random shares from me!) I’ve been percolating on another layer to all of that… CREATING SPACE. With my husband travelling a lot right now – solo parenting, PHWOAR! – it’s called a lot into question. Where are the stressors? Are they urgent and important? What if they were handled differently. What if I created more space – despite a busy, always moving life, what is SPACIOUSNESS for me?

Spaciousness in motion.
Space. Doing less. Less on the to-do-list.

What am I talking about? Well there has been a really strong feeling within me that the ‘amount’ that I am doing these days – motherhood, coaching, writing, workshops, building a new essential oil business, running a household, trying to be a present wife –  is actually working against a huge desire in me that has been building.

That desire is all about sitting in and experiencing a deeper sense of PEACE.


  • Instead of being busy for the sake of it, what would it feel like to not be busy?
  • Instead of filling the white space in my life (which is already limited) how would it feel to gaze upon a clear(er) diary?
  • Instead of asking myself ‘what else could I do?’ what if I asked ‘what if I did less?’

The thing is – these questions are hitting me at the perfect time of year. We are mid-way 2017. A year that has unfolded with so many experiences I couldn’t have scripted – all perfect, beautiful and necessary but generally challenging.

So asking these questions right now is forcing me to look at this year and my current season of life with compassion, softness and a little more realism that I perhaps was willing to admit before.

Yet, these questions bring up some ugly, ego fears too.

What will I throw away if I create more space?
How will this affect me, finances, my business, my relationships (etc)?
What will I actually do with more white space?
Can I actually handle surrendering into spaciousness?


I’ve yet to CULL anything from my life just yet. But I have already stopped filling it up. As I write out my list of work/tasks for the week ahead (I do this between Friday – Sunday) I am not searching for or deliberately adding in anything without it being scrutinised.How important is this ‘task’?

What if I didn’t DO this right now?

What if I let this one file away in my mind for a little while.

This is happening for small things like buying/reading a new book or listening to a new podcast. To the larger components like a new digital product.

Already I feel a little clearer about what I am meant to focus on – what feels best for my soul to work on and do and what doesn’t.


Let me reflect this back to you; Can you take the above questions (and below) and ask yourself the same.

  • What if you created more white space in your life?
  • Where would that sit, how would it feel, what would happen?
  • Does that feel good for you?
  • What if you only gave energy to the things, tasks, people, experiences that lit you up?
love + light,
Claire xx